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Tuesday, October 28, 2008



Rick Warren, bestselling author of the "Purpose Driven" Series and pupil of televangelist Robert Shuller has announced his "Global Peace Plan" to turn this planet into a "Purpose Driven Planet". Using a deceptive theology, he plans to make a global network of one billion people in order to establish the "Kingdom of God". And George W. Bush gives his blessings!

April, 2005. The "Angel Stadium" in Anaheim, California, United States of America. A crowd of 30,000 people gather themselves in order to celebrate the fact that 25 years before, a man called Rick Warren started a church. He had just learned how to do such a thing by attending Robert Shuller's "Institute of Church Growth".

Rick Warren is the leader of Saddleback Community Bible Church. He started in March, 1980 by doing so-called "trial run services" in which he layed down a so-called "vision", his plan. Quite an ambitious young man he was, as he layed down his plan to "send out hundreds of carreer missionaries and church leaders" and to "build daughter churches" all over the world. And his own church? Rick Warren revealed his vision about a church "set in a peaceful inspiring garden landscape with bright flowers and beautiful trees and pools of water, sparkling fountains, and flowing streams".

A little Garden of Eden? It most certainly looks like it.

It's a fact that many look on Rick Warren's church as if it were some kind of role model. Not in the least, because Rick Warren himself presents his church as this role model. The keyword is "Purpose Driven". And it has become a huge industry.

But why did Rick Warren recall his "vision" for an audience of 30,000 people in Anaheim? A news article on Warren's website reads:

Saddleback Church celebrated its 25th anniversary by combining the congregation's usual six weekend services into a single enthusiastic gathering of more than 30,000 people at the stadium south of Los Angeles. It was the first time in many years members of the church family had been able to assemble at the same time. The event included greetings to the congregation from President George Bush and evangelist Billy Graham and featured music from Michael W. Smith, Salvador, and TAIT.SOURCE:

Now that is quite an attendance. The president of the USA, along with Billy Graham and some of the hottest stars in the Christian Music Industry all have some reason for a little celebration.

And a celebration it was. Twenty-five years after Rick Warren started his church it was time to gather all the members and initiate them into the next step of his vision. A local Garden of Eden is nice, but what about a Global PEACE Plan?

Suddenly, it becomes more clear as to what is happenning in the Purpose Driven Movement. Discerning Christians have allready established how Rick Warren's bestselling books and Church Transformation Programs were literally jam-packed with New Age teachings and other false doctrines. Writers such as Warren Smith in his outstanding book Deceived On Purpose have pointed out how the Purpose Driven Movement makes use of New Age keywords and introduces a New Age mindset to the Christian church.

Yes, Rick Warren has a Global PEACE plan. He also calls it a "new reformation". But when you take a closer look into his plan, you are reading the New Age blueprint.


In a speech which is released on the Internet in both audio and transcript, Rick Warren lays out his vision once again. Please download the files for verification of the CRC statements given below.

#1 (MP3)

#2 (MP3)

#1 (DOC)

#1 (DOC)

Throughout the whole world, churches of all denominations have "gone Purpose Driven". Rick Warren calls his Purpose Driven Movement a "New Reformation". Indeed, it is. And to Rick Warren this is a normal thing. After all, there is no basic difference between a church and the entertainment industry.

He claims, and remember this is in the context of the "new reformation" (emp. CRC):

"The point I want to make is this, everything manmade has a shelf life. It doesn't last. Good medicine loses its potency. Good food loses its flavor. Good businesses lose their vision. Good organizations lose their effectiveness"

But does this same apply to the Church of Jesus Christ?

"The Bible points this out. In fact, in Hebrews 8:13 it says, "When anything grows weak and out of date it is obviously soon going to be dispensed with." You can see the evidence of that truth from the Bible in every area of our society and our world. You can see it in politics. You can see it in business. You can see it in denominations. You can see it in entertainment. You can see it in art and science and music."

Warren explains his theory of various ages in which the old has to be replaced with the new or rather transformed to use a classic New Age keyword, with all kinds of Bible Scriptures. He calls it a "truth from the Bible". And he applies it to the Church as well as every other "area of our society and our world".

This is important to notice.

For the "Church" where Rick Warren speaks about, truly is a part of "society" and "the world". Warren speaks about the man-made organization which is mistakenly called "Christianity". It's the sum of all denominations, the Churchical System with it's origin in the apostate Church of Rome, later to become the Roman Catholic Church.

It is this Church System, which continually reforms itself along with the Zeitgeist (Literally: Time spirit). It is this Church System, which Rick Warren identifies himself with. It is this Church System, of which he states it needs a "New Reformation".

The "God" that Rick Warren speaks about, appearantly follows the human calendar. Rick Warren claims:

"I see it. God is doing some exciting and new things in this world. You can see it everywhere. I get stories literally everyday from all around the world about what God is doing in the world. Jesus said, "I make all things new." He is a God of newness. But Jesus also said, "You can't put new wine in old wineskins. They will burst the skins. New wine must be poured into new wineskins."

(...) I began to ask, "What are the new wineskins that you are creating for the 21st century?" The message must never change. But the methods have to change with each generation."

The new wine which Jesus Christ speaks of, is the very same Message of which Rick Warren says it "must never change". But still he applies a bible scripture about the Message, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to his "New Reformation".

In Rick Warren's mind set, God has many different wineskins for many different new wines as humanity trods to his own history from age to age. And so, according to Warren that is, God also has a wineskin for the 21st Century...

Jesus indeed speak about "New Wine". He was speaking about the fact that before His comming, people only had the Old Testament Law which could never give them eternal life. Now, with the comming of Jesus Christ about 2000 years ago, truly something new has come because it is no longer through the Old Testament law, but through the Grace of God through Jesus Christ that one can get peace with the Creator.

There is no way that one can apply these scriptures about the New Wine of Grace through Jesus Christ in order to justify some theory that God has New Wine for each man made century. There is no way in which God presents a Church in the New Testament which continually has to renew itself, either.

All of this is nonsense to Rick Warren. He despises doctrine. He thinks that doctrine is a minor issue. And so, he claims how the church has to go through reformations again and again.

A New Reformation, a Transformation, a Global PEACE Plan. The Purpose Driven Church, the Purpose Driven Life, and even: the Purpose Driven Nation!

The new reformation that Rick Warren speaks about, turns out to be nothing less but -indeed- a Global PEACE Plan in which the Christian Church establishes a New World Order, called the Kingdom of God. When the Plan is fullfilled, Jesus Christ will come back to rule over this kingdom.

Closer reading of the material Rick Warren put out reveals how he plans to use his network of Purpose Driven Churches to build Purpose Driven Nations in which there is a fusion of State, Church and Business.

This shouldn't come as a surprise for those who are a little bit familiar with Rick Warren's educational background. Not only did he loyally attend Robert Shuller's Institute for Church Growth, he was also mentored by Peter Drucker.

"Peter Drucker, the management expert, father of modern management once said to me, "One of the reasons that the church has lasted 2,000 years is because the Holy Spirit has given it the power to renew itself." We have Easter every Sunday."

Is the Church lasting for 2000 years because of some "power to renew itself"? Hardly. Jesus Christ clearly said that He builds His Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail over her, not "it".

This idea of continuous renewal however can be found back all over in Babylonian religions. There is the idea of reincarnation, there is the idea of the Phoenix which constantly renews itself. There is the theory of evolution. There is the philosophy of the different ages...

We also see this idea of a continuous reforming and transforming reflected in the mind sets of Christrians who are influenced by the Purpose Driven Paradigm.

Should it be a surprise to find out how Rick Warren is heavily influenced by major players in the New Age Movement? Should it be a suprise to find out how Peter Drucker was a major influence in Rick Warren's Purpose Driven Paradigm?

Indeed, the father of modern management, or better: New Age Management.

In the 1980's, 1990's, Peter Drucker has fused business with the state and made quite a name for himself. An Internet search for him will reveal just that. It has been said, how his next target would be to fuse the church and business. Mussolini's definition of fascism was, "a state in which government and business fused".

To fuse church and commerce is described in the Bible many times. For example, when Jesus whipped the merchandizers out of the Temple. The bible also reveals how in the last days there will be many false teachers who will, according to the apostle Peter "make merchandize out of the believers".

And indeed, we know from the Bible how there is a Global PEACE Plan. The Bible calls it "the mystery of iniquity", or "Mystery Babylon". We know that in the 1800's the theosophical movement was founded by one Mme Blavatsky who wrote the book "The Secret Doctrine". In this book, which was dictated by a demon spirit, she layed down Lucifer's PLAN to bring back the "Days of Atlantis", or in Biblical terms: "The Days of Noah".

Is it a coincidence that Rick Warren's Global Peace PLAN happens to be in total contradiction with Biblical Prophesy but perfectly fits in that New Age Programm simply called: THE PLAN?

Mme Blavatsky founded the Lucifer Publishing Company. Later, that name was changed into "Lucis Trust". What the Bible is for Christianity, Mme Blavatsky's book "The Secret Doctrine" is for the New Age.

The New Agers speak about the comming Messiah, the Maitreya. He will be the comming World Teacher, who will bring Global Peace. He will usher in a New Age where mankind will "know themselves", which in the mind set of the Luciferians means as much as "proclaiming ourselves to be God".

As the Christians have the "Lord's Prayer", in which the Christians pray for the Kingdom of God to come, for the Will of God to be done on earth as well as in heaven, so do the New Agers have the "Great Invocation" in which they pray for the Antichrist or Lucifer to come.

Just read the "Great Invocation", and see how close this is related to Rick Warren's Global PEACE Plan. It's all about Purpose Driven, too. And it speaks about "The PLAN"...


The Great Invocation

From the point of Light within the Mind of God
Let light stream forth into the minds of men.
Let Light descend on Earth.

From the point of Love within the Heart of God
Let love stream forth into the hearts of men.
May Christ return to Earth.

From the centre where the Will of God is known
Let purpose guide the little wills of men
The purpose which the Masters know and serve.

From the centre which we call the race of men
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out
And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.

The above is a standard New Age Prayer to speeden the comming of the Antichrist or Lucifer as published by Lucis Trust, formerly Lucifer Publishing.

Lucis Trust and the other New Agers will be pleased with Rick Warren's Plan. They will recognize it as their own. Because it is their own!

Deception doesn't come blatant. Otherwise it would not be deception. But the scenario layed down in the Great Invocation of the Luciferians is the very same scenarion as the one Rick Warren puts forth.

Take Purpose Driven People (Let purpose guide the little wills of men), and let them work to "Restore the PLAN on Earth", which will bring about the Return of Christ on Earth.

Whether they know it or not, people who will participate in Rick Warren's PLAN will end worshipping the Antichrist. After all, "pastor Rick" Warren told them how Jesus Christ would come at the end of his "New Reformation".

According to Rick Warren, the New Reformation which will also bring about Global PEACE will result in the comming of Jesus Christ. Where the Bible clearly reveals how God will Personally put an end to the wickedness and suffering, how wickedness and injustice will only increase until that time, Rick Warren teaches the opposite.

"I believe with all my heart it's going to involve the errradication of global giants. That means elimination - erradication, obliteration of the global giants - of things the world has put up with for thousands of years"

Rick Warren keeps speaking about five "Global Giants". He truly has a spiritually very unhealty obsession with dates and numbers, but that aside.

These giants are all kinds of world problems and Rick Warren says that they have to be knocked down by the Church. He claims, how Jesus Christ will only return after the world's problems are solved by his network of Purpose Driven Churches.

"Then I believe the second reformation will not only be the mobilization of Christians and the multiplication of churches and the erradication of global giants and the cooperation between congregations but the evangelization of the planet. Jesus said, “This Gospel shall be preached into all the world to every nation and then the end shall come.” He’s not coming back until that happens."

Does the Bible prophesy that the Church will take over the world and bring Global PEACE after which Jesus Christ will come again?

Rick Warren doesn't just say that the Gospel has to be preached before the Lord Jesus will return, even though it seems like that. What he would call "world evangelization" takes place as a part of his Global PEACE Plan!

The Bible clearly says, that there will only be Global Peace after Jesus Christ returns! At His return, HE will destroy the "five Giants". The Church of Jesus Christ is not called to conquer the world for some Christian New World Order, the Church of Jesus Christ is called to hold on to the faith!

But Rick Warren states:

"Habakkuk says, "For the time will come when all the earth will be filled as waters fill the sea with an awareness of the glory of God." That's the goal of the second reformation."

"Let me tell you what our goal is here in Purpose Driven. Our goal is 10 million churches with a hundred million small groups mobilizing a billion disciples for the global glory of God. That's expoential thinking. That is through the multiplication of churches, the mobilization of Christians, and the evangelization of the world so there would be the eradication of global giants through the cooperation of millions and millions of churches."

"So the critical question is, "Will we move forward into the Promised Land or will we die in the wilderness?" These problems we've talked about all week, they're not new. But how we're going to do them will be new. Church to church, group to group through the global P.E.A.C.E. plan"

But it gets worse, when we find out just how Rick Warren wants to bring about this Global Peace.

We have allready seen how he sees the church as a part of society and how (therefore) he applies Bible sciptures about the Church and the Christians to about everything.

We have seen how he gets his teachings from Peter Drucker who is one of the leading forces behind globalization and privatization.

We will now see, what it means for a Purpose Driven Church to be a part of the Global Network for the Rick Warren's Global PEACE Plan.


In the second half of his two-part lecture on the "New Reformation", Rick Warren goes deeper into his plan as well as in the expectations he has. It turns out, that complete nations will have to be transformed into "Purpose Driven Nations", starting in Africa!

"We call this the catalytic transformation model. Just like we talked about every individual going around the diamond from first base to second base to third base to fourth base, we believe churches can do the same thing. We use four words: adopt, become, contribute, and deploy."

"Your goal is to get to the first base. To go back and say, “Our church is going to adopt the paradigm, adopt the strategy. We’re going to become a Purpose Driven church, building on God’s purposes, not personality, not programs, not tradition, not events, not finances. We’re going to build on the purposes of God.” Some of you are at that first step. You need to adopt the paradigm. You need to adopt the principles and say, “We will build on the five eternal purposes of God.”"

Rick Warren needs a lot of churches for his Global PEACE Plan. We have seen how he speaks about "10 million churches with a hundred million small groups mobilizing a billion disciples". And now he's explaining how these 10 million churches, from all denominations, will be united into one Network. A network of Purpose Driven Churches, who have all gone through a catalytic transformation starting by adopting the Purpose Driven Paradigm.

Throughout the lecture he describes this Global Network. He thinks it's a good idea. After all, he says, Al Qaida is doing it and so are the South American Drug Kartels so why shouldn't we?

In this Network, it doesn't matter which denomination your church is. It can be a Baptist Church, or a Roman Catholic Church, or any Church. Doctrine is also of no importance to Rick Warren. He calls it a minor issue.

The Bible says, that in the end people will not endure sound doctrine, but gather themselves teachers who will cater to their itchy ears. And here comes Rick Warren, trying to unify all the churches into a Purpose Driven Network, claiming how doctrine is of no importance. Telling us how this very same Network will bring about the establishment of the Biblical prophesies concerning the comming Kingdom of God, which will be established by Jesus Christ Personally. The Same Jesus Christ Who will Personally wipe away the so-called Global Giants.

It is clear, how Rick Warren's Global PEACE Plan, his New Reformation, is an attempt to create a One World Church ("world class church"). A Global Network of Purpose Driven Churches!

Rick Warren claims that the Global PEACE can only be brought into existance by his Network of Purpose Driven Churches. A network of churches who have all gone though the "New Reformation".

"The reason why I feel confident about fighting the global giants is we're not doing it on our own power. Governments don't have God's power. Non-government organizations don't have God's power. The power of God is granted to the church. We have miracle, wonder working power. That is a power that nobody else has. So we are the only ones qualified to take on the goliaths that everyone else is afraid and has been unable to resolve."

The New Reformation will bring Global Peace and subsequently the return of Jesus Christ. But Jesus Christ says that prior to His comming, there will be anything but "Global Peace". He does say, that there will be lots of talk about "Peace", though...

The Kingdom of God will not be established by a Global Peace Plan, not by a New Reformation, not by a Global Network of Purpose Driven Churches. The Kingdom of God will be established by Jesus Christ Personally!

The Bible speaks about the Global PEACE Plan, too. We know, how Babylon is creating a New World Order, based on a unification of all mankind under the leadership of Lucifer or Satan.

This will be done by the Antichrist. There will be someone who comes in the Name of Jesus Christ, claiming that he is "God". He will claim World Peace.

Rick Warren's PEACE Plan perfectly fits into the scenario of the Antichrist. When the Purpose Driven Network comes into fullfillment, there will be an appearant peace.

The so-called Gospel will be preached "globally". This will bring about the second comming of Christ, according to Rick Warren. So with his PLAN, people get ready to accept the Antichrist as the second comming of Christ!

Does Rick Warren's Global PEACE Plan come anywhere close to such a thing? As a matter of fact, it does.

This is what he tells the people, after explaining them how to become a Purpose Driven Church and buy themselves into the Network of "World Class Churches":

"This summer we're going to begin testing it in the first national model. We've been looking for a nation, a single nation where we would get and together they would say, "Let's be a model of the first Purpose Driven nation.""

Yes, you've read that right. It's not enough to have a Purpose Driven Life in a Purpose Driven Church, we also need a Purpose Driven Nation!

As we see, Rick Warren is looking to get "the cooperation of the government and the businesses and the churches" in order to make his plan working. Therefore he needs to "test" it.

But how can something which supposedly come from God, in order to prepare the world for His second Comming, need testing? How can something which supposedly come from Jesus Christ, in order to prepare the world for His second Comming, need the coorperation of governments and business?

The Bible warns us for an unholy alliance of state, business and even religion just prior to the second Comming of Jesus Christ. In fact the Bible tells us that this is all part of a PLAN called "The Mystery Of Iniquity". It's the Plan to create a One World System, which will be ruled by Lucifer or Satan himself!

The CRC has reported before, how the American Televangelists are targeting at Africa. Where Babylon has robbed this continent before of it's inhabitants in order to build the Great Cities of Babylon in the so-called New World, she keeps targeting at this land of Creation.

Rick Warren needed a test ground for his Global PEACE Plan, and he "found" it in Africa as well. Rwanda has become the first nation to get the title "Purpose Driven Nation".

He's got the full coorperation of even the president of Rwanda, Paul Kagame. In the same celebration where George W. Bush gave his greetings to the Saddleback Church, a letter from Mr. Kagame was read to the church members. A portion of the letter reads:

"I want you all to know that we want to work with you, Saddleback Church, and with all of the Purpose Driven network of churches to be the first national model of the P.E.A.C.E. Plan. Rwanda is interested in forging business relationships with people. We'd be more than happy to let you know the investing opportunities which are available."

The first Purpose Driven Nation? Yes. In his speech, Rick Warren boasts how presidents of 30 different countries have all asked for an autographed copy of his book "The Purpose Driven Life".

A Global Network of Purpose Driven Churches, a Global Network of Purpose Driven Nations. Presented as a move from God, but in reality a programm which has to be "tested".

Does the Bible tell us about a Global Network of Purpose Driven Churches and even nations? As a matter of fact, yes. Today, we know it under the name Globalism or Globalization.

Should it therefore surprise us that Rick Warren is even invited to speak in front of such Globalist organizations as the CFR and the UN? Should it surprise us that he has to compare his second reformation with the bloody deeds of Lenin and even Hitler?

"In 1917 Lenin said, Give me 100 committed men and I will change the world. He nearly did.

In 1939 a group of young men and women in brown shirts filled a stadium in Munich, Germany for a fanatical dictator, a madman, with a mustache named Adolph Hitler. In that stadium they formed with their bodies a sign that said, "Hitler, we are yours!" And they nearly took the world.

When I see things like that I think, "What would happen if Christians, what would happen if just the Christians gathered here on the Saddleback campus today would say with our lives, "Jesus we are Yours!" What kind of spiritual revival would we see in our world? What kind of reformation, great-awakening would we see in our nations? Jesus, we are yours!"

Which "Jesus" does Rick Warren spak of? As we see, it is a completely different Jesus than the One in the Bible. Warren's "Jesus" needs manmade organizations and plans which have to be tested, in order to make a global unity. Warren's Jesus wants people to create Heaven on Earth after which he will come to rule over that.

The Biblical Jesus Christ will come Personally. He will Personally wipe away the so-called Global Giants. He won't test it out on one nation first and all of that. Jesus Christ will come, and prior to His Comming there will not be Global Peace.

Rick Warren's Jesus, my dear reader, is none other then Lucifer dressing himself up as Jesus Christ. Whether he knows it or not, Warren is transforming the system of denominations we mistakenly call "Christianity" to fit in the New World Order.

Saturday, October 25, 2008



WWW, October 2008 - Killings, Torture, Political Dictatorship: all in the Name of Jesus Christ. Welcome to the "love" of John Calvin's Christianity, which shapes the doctrines and philosophy of many of today's Evangelical Christians, including Rick Warren.

Dave Hunt is a well-known Bible teacher based in the USA. He is known for his in-depth analyses of trends and movements in especially the Evangelical part of what "Christianity". With books like "The Seduction Of Christianity", he exposed the New Age nature of many popular "prophets" and "healers".

However, it's not just those more or less recent trends within Christianity that may find themselves into the attention of Dave Hunt. Under the title "A Woman Rides The Beast", he exposed the system of the Roman Catholic Church for what she really is, too.

In "What Love Is This", Dave Hunt exposes another part of Christianity, which came into existence in Western Europe a couple of centuries ago. It's widely known as "The Reformation": the birth of the Protestant Churches in Europe.

The Reformation Movement included people like Martin Luther and also a man called John Calvin, the founder of what we now know under the name "Calvinism". He wrote a number of books, in which he created a whole philosophy around what he perceived the Message of the Divine Saviour to be. He also became the mayor of Geneva (Switzerland) where he would practice the kind of politics that even the Taliban of today are not accused of.

In this lecture, Dave Hunt sheds light on various aspects of Calvinism. He shows without the shadow of a doubt, that Calvin's ideas have nothing to do with the God Who reveals Himself in the original Bible. There is no love whatsoever to be found in the Message that the God of John Calvin has, as can be seen in the practical work-out of Calvinism.

John Calvin would torture people who disagreed with him. A child who had a bad mouth against his parents would be beheaded, for example. People who refused to accept child baptism were drowned, others were burned alive.

In England, followers of the religious dictator and false prophet turned the whole country into an even more extreme version of Calvin's Geneva. Everybody who would disagree with John Calvin's sick doctrines, would be tortured and killed.

In fact, the whole "Reformation" was nothing more than... a reformation. A system was updated, rather than abolished. Babylon wasn't left, Babylon was... updated.

The Roman Catholic Church is known for it's brutal persecution of "heretics". The stories of the Crusades and the Inquisition can be considered standard knowledge, but the fact that the so-called "Reformers" continued the practice of religious dictatorship is rather ignored by many who called themselves Protestant or Evangelical Christians today.

In fact, Dave Hunt shows that the two predominant names of the Reformation, Martin Luther and John Calvin, were Roman Catholics who actually took their ideas from Augustine, a "church father" who basically is the founder of Roman Catholicism. Luther, for example, was an Augustinian Monk.

The "Reformers" didn't step out of the Babylon that is the Roman Catholic Church System, but they rather, as the word says, "reformed" it. With the result, that those people who practiced adult baptism rather than child baptism would be persecuted, tortured and killed.

Fast forward to today. Contemporary followers of John Calvin's reli-fascism may not have the political power they used to have anymore, but if they would, the Taliban would be considered a human rights group compared to them.

We know them under various names, one of which is "dominionists". Rick Warren and his Purpose Driven Madness, for example, can also be seen as a political Calvinist since he strives to create "world peace" under the rule of his "Purpose Driven Christianity".

In Calvin's philosophy, "Christians" are a superior kind of being and destined to take over the whole world so that Jesus Christ can safely return, as if the Lord God and Saviour is a helpless individual.

They will impose by law what the Bible says is the Work of the Holy Spirit within people, creating not only an evil caricature (Dave Hunt calls it a "misrepresentation") of God, but de facto creating an environment wherein Satan's Antichrist feels very much at home.

Listen to Dave Hunt, as he simply asks himself, and his audience: "What Love Is This?"


Saturday, October 18, 2008

''Policeman Is Sent By God To Help'': Word Of God?

''Policeman Is Sent By God To Help'': Word Of God?

The above is a scan of the so-called "Living Bible". A scan from the 13th chapter of Paul's letter to the Romans.

There are many Christians who think that this is actually what the Bible says. They trust the "translators", who themselves seem to have great trust in their intelectual (in)capabilities.

What they lack is spiritual abilities.

Paul never said that the policeman does not frighten people who are doing right. Or that the policeman was sent by God to help.

The Greek doesn't allow such translations either.

A closer study of this chapter reveals, that it's not about policemen, but about servants of Jah.

More info:



In this remarkable documentary by British TV station "Channel 4", we are introduced to the students and staff at "Patrick Henry College", somewhere in the USA.

It's not just any college: the founder claims that the college is patterned after elite universities like Yale and it's purpose is to create a new kind of elite that will take over the country in order to change it according to their own ideas.

This is the breeding place for what the makers of the video have dubbed "God's Next Army".

New students have to sign so-called "covenants", wherein they bind themselves to the rules of the school. No drinking alcohol, for example. And if you're caught doing it, the video shows what happens then. You will have to "confess your sins" for a big audience.

The students are a great tool in the hands of the Republican party. They go from door to door, even lobby in Washington to help the big businesses in their efforts privatize everything. And there's even some perverted biblically sounding argument for it: since "The Earth Is The Lord's", this means the earth should be exploited by private businesses rather than the society as a whole.

We also see what kind of lessons the students receive. We hear quotes like "Christianity reigns" and so on. Yes, this is a bastion of Dominionism: a "Christian" New World Order!

Within the circles of Dominionism, the term "Body of Christ" is used in such a way, that they make the Body of Christ which is the church into the very Body of Christ, with all the Divine attributes. Ergo: the Church has to rule the world, take "dominion".

And of course, while the students have the idea that they are actually creating "Gods Kingdom on earth" because they are "the Body of Christ", Babylon is behind it: How many Christians have been deceived into believing that George W. Bush, the visitor of Bohemian Grove and member of Skull and Bones, is a true born again Christian?

A scaring report from a very troubling form of "Christian Theocracy" that will surely make people who have to suffer under Dominionism hate Jesus Christ even more. the "Jesus Christ" of Babylon Sponsored "Christianity", that is...

click here to watch or download



WWW, April 2008 - "We will not fail you", promises the leader of Rwanda to Rick Warren. The project to turn Rwanda into the world's very first "Purpose Driven Nation" takes another step as the country recently officially launched the "Fourty Days Of Purpose".

Rick Warren, also known as "Rupert Murdoch's Pastor", is well pleased.

Not only has he succesfully introduced his new age "gospel" to millions of Christians world wide, he is also training 100's of 1000's of pastors to "transform" their churches into centers of what he calls a "Global Peace Plan".

Warren's Global Peace Plan states that the Churches have to become part of the United Nations and create a situation of world peace which is the requirement for Jesus Christ to return.

His philosophy is heavily based on pop-psychology and other forms of mind control, his view of the church is that it's part of a Church-And-State system, and he got everything from his "Christian" mentors, people like Robert Shuller who are exposed for the antichrists that they really are.

Transforming "Christianity" and "Churches" into better tools for Babylon System is not enough for Rick Warren. After all, his purpose is a "world peace" "so" that "Jesus Christ" will come to rule.

This obviously transcends not just the borders of the several denominations within what loosely could be called "Christianity", not just the borders of several religions as Warren is located creating "Purpose Driven Synagogues", it transcends national borders as well.

People have to become "purpose driven". Churches have to become "purpose driven". And... Nations have to be "purpose driven" too!

The nation of Rwanda is apparantly one of the first on the list.

For years, leaders have been initiating themselves into the doctrines of what has come to be called "Warrenism". Rupert Murdoch's pastor himself travels several times a year to the African nation to make sure that his project is working, and now it is time for the more official part of all of this.

In an official ceremony, the nation's leader officially announced how the nation would officially go in to "The Fourty Days of Purpose", basically a period of brainwashing people into becomming good robots for The Plan to unite the world for the comming antichrist.

President Kagame told his audience how Warren's "Global Peace Plan" had taken it's place in the country's official politicks and how he considered "The Fourty Days Of Purpose" to be the official launch of what is going to be "prosperity" for Rwanda.

Rick Warren smiled...

He was part of that audience and knew himself to be sitting with the elite of the country. Politicians, for example. Sitting together with 200 leaders of "churches", who had been studying these last two years and were called "foot soldiers" by President Kagame, who was very serious in announcing the "transformation" his country would undergo during Warren's 40 day brainwash campaign.

President Kagame swore: "We Will Not Fail", in a referance to "The Fourty Days Of Purpose" in which he was about to throw his nation in.

Rick Warren smiled some more...

And Satan chuckled!


by Messian Dread

WWW, AUG 22/23 2007 - Bodyguards, a man beats a women, another man becomes agressive, the Star Artist makes kung-fu style kicks in the direction of a Dread just before he asks the complete audience on stage to protect him against the fire: welcome to another "great" performance of Christafari.

On august 22, Christafari held a concert in the "Destiny Church" in the Dutch city of Groningen. The Center for Research on Christianity (CRC) went to check out the spirits, and came back with a remarkable story.

Messian Dread reports.

When you're looking for a musical review of Christafari's concert, please don't read beyond the next few paragraphs. There really is not much to say about it, other than that Christafari is getting worse and worse each time I see them.

Besides, my brothers and me were not visiting the concert out of musical interests at all. We knew, that we would have to expect a Christafari at Flevo Festival 2007 (click for original)terrible performance by a terrible band with a terrible sound in a terrible place, and we were not disappointed!

Of course, never go to a Christafari concert when you want to enjoy some good music. After all, it is carefully crafted in the laboratories of the Christian Industrial Complex and designed to serve as the "true Christian" alternative to "the ever enigmatic Messian Dread and Yabby You".

Not, that I want to compare myself musically with Yabby You. Yabby You is a true originator of Reggae Music and Christafari's Mark Mohr should be ashamed of himself that he talks about him and his musical clones as even being close to any "alternative" to Yabby You.

But it's not about the music at all, which is why this is not a musical review at all either.

It's about the spirits behind the music, that's why this is the report of a spiritual confrontation between spirits.

The Spirit behind Yabby You and Messian Dread's music, versus the spirits behind the music of the "true Christian" alternatives Christafari and Solomon Jabby.

The Spirit of the Most High JAH versus the spirits of the priests of Babylon.

The Spirit of the Most High JAH in His Temple, namely the bodies of those who are born of Spirit, versus the spirits of Baal in their temple.

And it would all take place on that one location, the city of Groningen in the Netherlands.

The confrontation was scheduled on Visit Siteaugust 22, in a "church", which claims to "walk with a mandate to claim dominion in earth" straight on the front page of their website.

Of course, what better place to spiritually confront the "pioneer of Gospel Reggae" than in one of the Temples of the Christian Industrial Complex?

After all, that's where Babylon's trading of souls is done in the name of the Saviour, which is Christafari's specialty!

As we prepared ourselves in the weeks before the spiritual confrontation, it seems like Christafari was especially drawn to visit Groningen, too.

According to a Dutch Message Board, Christafari had turned down several other offers as they felt they were led especially to the "Destiny Church" to show themselves.

The people at the "church" apparently expected trouble: they had hired security personnel. Because we didn't want to show any ID, we paid the ridiculous fee of EURO 12,50 to enter into the "place of worship".

I had already heard outside how the band Christafari was introduced. A Dutch voice read a long legacy of... Mark Mohr!

Inside, the first thing I heard was Mark Mohr saying: "We are not here to promote our new album". I looked to my ticket. It said: "Christafari, 22 aug, To the Foundation - World Tour"...

Then he said: "We are given the Gospel for free, so here we are giving it for free!". I looked to my ticket, that had cost me EURO 12,50. I looked to the merchandize in the hall that had their price tags on it.

Of course, I'm listening to a liar. A blatant liar. I'm used to document the lies as they are spoken by Mark Mohr.

In the meantime, we stood in the audience and observed Mohr as he had to turn on the automatic pilot. He was obviously not receiving any strength from his spirits, and turned to the audience instead for help.

He announced tracks like "Follow the Leader" (really), and desperately tried to get energy from the crowd, a small crowd by the way of about 150 at the most.

One interesting detail was that he told the audience "Flee Temptation!" (an unbiblical statement, as the good book says to resist and fight down temptation, but to flee fornication), and subsequently invited little girls on stage to dance before the crowd.

Flee temptation, huh?

Mark Mohr went on and told the audience that they really had to give their life to Jesus, even if they had already done so. "I've done it for 16 times now", he was recorded as saying from the stage.

He literally spoke out the first name of one of the brothers that had come with us, and said: "XXX, you are going to hell". Then he made kind of a karate-kick move towards another brother, a dread who had been observing Mark Mohr in his desperate attempts to receive strength from his spirits.

He was obviously trying to fight the Spirit that is in us by accusing the brethren. He was obviously aware of the spiritual war that was going on and had to make some phyisical movements to reflect his inner struggle.

In the meantime, I had been outside of the building for a while to check out what happened here and there. People who were smoking cigarettes outside were told to go meters beyond the sight of the entrance. If they would not do so, security would come and increasingly put pressure on the smokers.

People who had a little bit of weed had to give this to the security personnel before they could enter the building. One "elder" of the "church" later told me, that this was to "prevent" "drugs dealing".

There was a very tense atmosphere, both outside the building as well as inside. As I wanted to walk inside again, I saw a woman with pain in her eyes as she quickly walked out of the building.

I was soon to find out why.

A man followed her as she moved to a car. He pushed her toward the car and started to brutalize her, and screamed: "You made a disgrace out of me!". Security personnel dropped on the guy, but this is when another guy became hysteric and aggressive as well.

The demons were having a feast!

Or did they panique as they realized JAH people were in the house but couldn't see them?

It's not, that we hid ourselves. We walked around, talked to the people, asked questions, received answers. But why did Mark Mohr literally speak out the name of one brother who had come with us, and made karate kick movements from stage straight to another brother in the crowd?

Why did he, at a certain moment, ask the complete crowd to join him on stage in order to be protected against the lack of energy his spirits usually feed him with?

We did not ask ourselves these questions.

We knew.

We went there, fully armored and equipped and we knew we were going to see the priests of Baal on stage, even the "Gospel Reggae High Priest" himself, as they would desperately try to sell their "gospel", claiming that it's free, without the usual help of their spirits.

I was blessed to give him the answer after the concert.

Mark Mohr sat on a chair, and young people were waiting in a line to get an autograph. He was surrounded by security personnel like he was under some kind of heavy threat. It was actually a bit of a silly sight...

I walked passed the fans, passed the security, still invisible.

Then I stood next to him, and put my hand gently on his shoulder.

I spoke in his ear: "JAH is going to cut you down, man..."

In a shock, he turned his head and we looked each other straight in the eyes.

I continued and said: "...if you don't repent".

I showed him exactly what he had to do, in action.

I turned around, and walked out of Babylon. Out of the Temple of the Christian Industrial Complex. Out of the "church".

Mark Mohr stood up and quickly walked after me, shouting: "Dread, Dread, Can't We Reason?"

When I was outside, my brothers were already waiting for me.

I walked on and one of my brothers told Mark Mohr: "No More Reasoning, Mark..."

The High Priest of "Gospel Reggae" quickly went back into the Temple.

I hope he knows I could have cut his dreadlocks right there, just like Buju Banton tried to do so many years ago. I hope he realizes, that I didn't do it because I and I don't fight his flesh and blood and will not ever fight his flesh and blood as the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but spiritual.

Spiritual, like the reason why he was brought to Groningen in the first place.

I hope he realized why he was brought to Groningen. Christafari seems to acknowledge that they were supernaturally led towards this confrontation, just like that other time not so long ago.

That was when Mark Mohr contacted me a minute after I publicly announced I would no longer try to reach out to Christafari(ans) and he had to admit the supernatural nature of the event, but was unable to explain the reasons why.

Mark Mohr knows the reason why. He is a slave of the Christian Industry himself as he tries to keep as many souls under bondage of the Churchianity as he can possible can.

It would be a great joy to see him repent and step out of the Christian Industrial Complex, it would be great to see him walking out of that spiritual prison called "church" or "christian industry" where the faithful are the merchandize, just like he did so briefly in his flesh, when he walked after me and tried to "reason"...


He could have "reasoned" for a long time. That time is gone.

There is only one word for Mark Mohr, and in fact for all those who work for Babylon Queendom in the Christian Industrial Complex. That word is, in the Name of Jesus Who is JAH: "Step Out Of Her My People, So That You Will Not Receive Of Their Plagues".

There is still time, even though it becomes shorter and shorter.

The "Gospel Reggae Industry" may flourish, Mark Mohr may sell another 400,000 CD's of his false gospel of submission to the dominionists. Mark Mohr may continue to do his evil works as the parasite who wants to rule over the flock of JAH as if JAH does not hear the souls that suffer bigtime.


But one thing is definitely sure, and that date is set.

JAH Knows this date, we don't.

But the word is: "Jah Is Going To Cut You Down If You Don't Repent"

Step out of her JAH people!

One Love, Give Thanks,
Messian Dread



by Zeph E Daniel
- Published on Monday, March 19, 2007, reprinted with permission -

WWW, September 2007 - "Christianity" is more often than not a word to describe an insane religious system wherein money-making, white supremacy and politricks go together in perfect evil harmony.

"Dealing With The Insanity" exposes such an evil harmony as the author Zeph E Daniel identifies the true nature of large portions of the "Internet Christendom" and "Alternative Christian Media": psy-op's, ego's and even nazi's!

Let's face it. By now you're onto the fact that the entire world is controlled by criminal syndicates, and that the matrix itself is controlled by a very powerful spiritual hierarchy that no man can battle on his own. Period.

The result should be this: RELY FULLY ON YAHSHUA and rely NOT on humans. Do not trust a soul, and the reason is a philosophical one: first of all, all that exists is YOU and GOD. He is the I AM and and you are conscious of yourself being outside looking in, and yet, you do not exist apart from Him. This paradox has plagued man for eons, and yet it is a very simple thing: He made you to Glorify Himself, and thus you are an intregal part of God Consciousness as Self Consciousness. You were made in His likeness and image--what you don't understand is how others fail, if they also serve the same God. Thus, He is the I AM and nothing else truly exists outside of I AM. Therefore, the I AM is the source of all comfort, power and knowledge.


You have to get that through your head to surpass this matrix and move onto the farther shore of Spirit. Most Christians just use Jesus as a cloak, and continue right on in their abominations -- or rather, their obedience of the rules of this world, which states emphatically: You will bow down to man and Lucifer, or you will not eat.

That's right. They intend to break each and every person of their sovereignty and power in innocence and in Christ both, and render them little more than hapless slaves with fixed results as to achievement, thus ensuring a crooked ladder to success, where the results are known ahead of time, and all who achieve only serve the least that is their basic raison d'etre, and those who go along with this "plan" are evil, sick, perverted, criminal murderers, liars, thieves -- or a Collective, as shown in Proverbs 1.

There are no innocent ones in this: their wills are engaged. They do it because they don't want to be left out; they want money and the things of this world, and are not willing to sacrifice The Game and their part in it for Yahshua-Jesus Messiah.

That includes most in so-called Alternative Internet Media, which is simply Mainstream Media ReSpun, this time by different servants of the satanic oligarchy and the layers of slave programming. It is breathtaking to see them argue over the timing of the much ballyhooed Rapture, when all that are beholden to this delusion are simply in another mind control cult. Some are innocent victims, sure -- but the perpetrators of this heinous and bogus theory know exactly what they are doing, which is great harm to anyone snared in the delusion, which then also leads to the serpent seed, white Israel, and a host of other Wasp Criminal Syndicate maneuvers. And of course every syndicate has its maneuvers!

Certainly, when I heard of Patrick Heron extolling the wonders of the Rapture, and then now promoting the Serpent Seed Nazi doctrine revealing the true nature of his AntiChrist agenda, I just cringed at the fact that I had this traitor on the air at all. So many like him too, pushing their mind control memes hoping for a few crumbs from the TBN table, with false prophets such as Hal Lindsay, Kim Clement, and a host of other approved of slaves to the world system, posing as Christians. I know, I know, they do it so well, they have convinced most of the world of their holiness. Nonsense.

Here is what the Serpent Seedliners believe . This is quoted from, one of the most despicable sites on the web, and home of notorious Jew hater, Frank Weltner, one of many serpent seedliners like Heron, Shriner, and others.

"Because the Serpent raped Eve, we now have his vile sons around us, those who are the Mongrelized half-breeds of Godly Adam including Negroes, Asians, Arabs, Indo-Europeans, and false Jews who are immigrants from Mongolia East of Russia who falsely converted but lie about their beliefs. They are all of serpent seed, and so they are forever filled with the serpent's vileness, and they are unredeemable by God."

This is what they all believe if they promote the serpent seed doctrine. So ask yourselves, who would want to promote this doctrine? And who are they that promote it?

Yes, this was the famous Hitlerian doctrine:

[1] NAZI THEOLOGY According to Nazi/Satanic Theology, Eve did have sex with the "Serpent", the devil, and gave birth to Cain. This teaching then twists the Bible, just as a swastika twists the cross as it says Cain's Line survived the Great Flood and the Jews and the blacks are the children of Satan, "serpent seed".

Hitler believed that when he "cleansed" the earth of the "serpent seed", the Aryan super gods would return to earth, set up the Golden Age of Mankind and anoint Hitler as "king of the world".


And lo and behold, here is what the Bible actually says!

And Adam knew Eve his wife; and she conceived, and bare Cain, and said, I have gotten a man from the LORD.
Genesis 4:1

Does it say that Satan fucked Eve to get Cain? (yes, I intend the F word most vehemently: if it offends you, go read your articles elsewhere.)

Should we feel sorry for these liars who promote such lies? That is not helpful -- best to pray their delusions and lives are broken up by the Lord -- that all they counted on fails. Only in this way will they have a chance at changing.

Otherwise, they continue on the downward spiral to eternal death, ever so much faster.

Add to this your Net-Media false Christians and their shortwave abominations, and ultimately a picture develops. NEVER WAS REAL, never, not even one time! Suffice to say that those who do not oppose vehemently the Serpent Seeders are ultimately complicit in their racism, delusion and showing how they are utterly devoid of the Holy Spirit, liars and fakers. You can add the rapture cultists to that list too.

My advice to you is TO JUST TURN THEM OFF. Don't listen. Since the list includes almost everyone, then it's pretty safe to assume that most are providing a disservice to you, either through ignorance or willing syndicate participation (which is the more likely).

Yes, they are supported by several psyops programs and they will flourish ultimately, as racism pays.

Yesterday someone sent me a note about Chuck Youngbrandt and his claiming that he is one of the two witnesses and other prophetic nonsense. There are thousands of guys like this, and they get their power from the mind controlled unwitting dupes who somehow think that demagoguery passes for the Christian walk.

We've seen them come and go, the Elijahs, the Moses people, the Christian Identity pontificates with their Serpent Seed Jew hating racist Nazi doctrines -- blending the UFO cult with the Serpent Seed and other pop-culture mind shaping memes, and creating basically a Mind Kontrol Listener/Reader base that ultimately hate Jews, Catholics and everyone else, form little separatist communities to lift up their demagogues. Women have gotten into this field as well: Sherry Shriner, notorious Serpent Seedliner and famously false prophet and occultic witch posing as a "servant of the Most High" (read that Lucifer), along with the Judaizing cults such as so-called Elizabeth Elijah, the self-proclaimed "ring maiden" and Elijah Returned and a host of other titles, which of course entitle these charlatans to lots of money from their dupes, who have been beguiled by witchcraft, rather than Christ.

In the case of Elizabeth Elijah, she enlists people to pray for the destruction of others (all in the name of God) when she is outed for her phony money-grubbing ministry. And there are many more just like these women, waiting in the wings to step up into "ministry" -- and behind all this is psyops, planned mind control experimentation, and satanism.

Others have come and gone, such as the insane failed prophetess, obscure Linda Newkirk and all her dupes (actually, this is an expired cult from a few years ago, semi-known on the Net in End Time circles)...and even when the game is over, if someone does not fill the void, the needy co-dependent followers will prop up a new cult leader -- as their pathetic lives show profoundly how impotent Jesus really is.

And of course that is the ultimate lie.

It is not Jesus or the Holy Spirit that is impotent, it is that there is no room for other gods, such as these dilletants-turned-prophetic leaders. Same goes for others that I have seen in our own forum (now extinct due to infiltators), and I am in mind of one who has now propped herself up as a cult leader and spiritual mentor of her little group of insecure people, who do need help, but not from her.

You see, there are rewards for creating these mind control circles of shame and slavery. Plenty of rewards. The perpetrators believe they will get money, power and fame ultimately. That's why they do it! All the religious jargon is just that--an act.

I am reminded of a Bible teacher, whom most people adore, that throws curses on anyone who leaves his Florida congregation.

The most disturbing thing I have seen is this: The Evangelicals who say they love the JEWISH PEOPLE.

These always believe in the phony Rapture Doctrine, and much of the time get involved in the UFO cults as well. Bottom line is this: this syndicate goes to British Israel, yet is a distant cousin of the racist Identity movement, and ultimately is polluted by the Serpent Seed doctrine, which then expels the Jews -- they do not consider themselves grafted in in the long run, they believe that they are the Israelites of God and will eventually replace the Jews in Jerusalem, though on the surface they claim that the Jews who reject Jesus are still the chosen people, ,which then remakes YHWH into a pathetic fool in their subconscious minds, allowing them to be controlled for life.

So the ruse is that they claim the Jews are superior in all ways, when indeed this is simply a mask for hatred and a secret genocidal doctrine -- and all of this is AntiChrist.

They are so layered in mind control that they can't see how they have all become puppets of a greater AntiChrist force that uses them and all apostates for various purposes, which ultimately is to destroy all that is of God.
Anyway, Yahshua the Lord is about faith, grace and spirit -- NOT RACE! Anyone who believes in Him is counted as the Seed of Abraham, as stated in Galatians 3.

In the US, there is no real faith -- it's just End Times programming mind control and various factions pushing their wares, as Christianity is big money; it is also dead.

Someone reminded me of the Nicodemus dilemma in the Gospel of St. John. Yes, that which is of Spirit is spirit. That which is of flesh is flesh. If you are not born to Spirit, you die. You do not escape this matrix.

Unless you are as a child, you won't see it anyway.

To access the Metaverse, or the Kingdom, which is multidimensional, one must become Spirit, which is what is meant by being born again. Not just lip service or acting spiritual. One is either spiritual (and thus misunderstood, even hated by the World), or carnal (loved, accepted, part of the hierarchy) .

Being of spirit is really a state of Grace given by God. It means, literally, that you are no longer subject to the law of the world--the hidden rules of slavery. It means that you are here as a visitor, and whatever the earthdwellers say has nothing whatsoever to do with your life and where you come from . Your power supply comes from beyond this world, and they just can't, won't, will not ever understand that.

And finally, all this has to do with Esau and Jacob. God hated Esau and those like him because they so easily give up their birthright, revealing total spiritual ineptitude and a pathetic sense of "self" or "worth". The false prophets and teachers want their followers to commit the same sin: give up Jesus and salvation in exchange for doctrines of men, like the Rapture, and so many other theories, end-times programming, and all manner of escape and entertainment for all the wrong reasons


And so, to avoid all this insanity, do not listen to the so-called leaders who prop themselves up and say they know something about God. You know more than they do if you are His, and you are.

So follow God and not man, and do not become a sycophant of the Most Low Base Human Desire for filthy lucre, fame and power.

Walk free. You've seen me expose the falsies here, one after another. I will probably do exposes on some of them in the future, such as on the upcoming rapture cult UFO fest in Roswell led by Guy Malone who is far too enamored with UFO cults than spiritual truth. His list of speakers of course are also part of the club, read that syndicate that promotes late night radio, conspiracies, and the like, with the proviso that Jesus will save you from the evil UFOs and Aliens, so go ahead and focus on UFOs, Aliens, and other paraphernalia--and do come to the conferences, and do bring you wallets. And it really isn't about educating the masses about the "force," or evil spiritual hierarchy that destroys lives, but glorifies it, by spreading fear and awe regarding the very simple truth of evil, punctuated beautifully with end-times programming, false prophecy smack, and all kinds of theories about aliens... oh yes, from a Biblical point of view, which makes it all ok!

Most people that have received deliverance from the demonic encounters parading around as alien never get free UNLESS they leave the strange circles of UFO people behind.

That is a fact. Alternative UFO, the good UFO clubs are Christian? Bullshit. The Christian UFO phenomenon, which they re trying to gin up into an industry comes from the same syndicate that brings you the serpent seed, the Nazi wing of the NWO. Racism and White Supremacy are usually lurking... call these cults recruiting centers for more deep programming on God's true plans. And most of these are satanists to begin with, having NEVER left the circle of shame they were initiated into by their parents, meaning, NOT born again, not children of God, period.

They're still running a game, and being manipulated as whores in the media circuits to shape minds and lives and recruit those who will be useful.

I pray for all the followers of these cults to wake up and take their freedom back by thinking, finally, for themselves. For that's where the answers lie: WITHIN YOURSELF. God put that in you--as you.

That is where your answer lies, where you communicate truly with God. Or not. It is within your power and nowhere else.

The "Christafari" Project



WWW, September 4, 2007 - August 26, Messian Dread was interviewed on Channel-Z Radio about Christafari. The following article wass written to explain the relevance and the history of this school example of Spiritual War in the 21st Century

Reggae Music was born somewhere in the 1960’s, on the island of Jamaica. A historical event, because it marked the start of what was going to be one of the most spiritual forms of music the world has ever known.

Thirty years earlier, Jamaica witnessed another historical event as the island gave birth to the Movement Of Rastafari. This movement has been a major influence throughout the history of Reggae and is responsible for the irremovable spiritual foundation of the music.

Reggae and Rastafarian Culture developed into a worldwide phenomenon as it reached out to countless sufferers with a prophetic message of hope and identified the world system as the biblical Babylon.

Reggae Music is often called “JAH Music”. JAH is a Biblical Name for the Creator. Christians sing this Name every time they say “HalleluJAH”, and the Name can be found in the King James Version in Psalm 68:4 as well.

Most Reggae artists will have one or more musical works that will contain worship of the Creator. Where the Bible says “Every Tong Will Confess”, you could say that in Reggae Music we see a prophetic foreshadowing of this truth.

Another prophetic foreshadowing becomes clear, when the Movement of Rastafari is observed from a spiritual perspective.

Every Rasta worships JAH Rastafari, which means: JAH, the Head Creator.

Ras Tafari was the name of the Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie before he became Emperor. This name Haile Selassie means “Power of the Trinity”, an obvious Reference to Jesus Christ.

The Ethiopian Emperor did not claim to be Jah Rastafari, did not claim to be Haile Selassie, but used these names because he was aware of the fact that since he was a son of Solomon, his very function as Emperor was a prophetic foreshadowing of that one King, Jesus Christ.

In spite of the common idea, popularized by many if not all “Christian Cult Experts”, not all Rastafarians believe the Emperor to be what his names mean. It was nobody less than the leader of the biggest Rastafarian Organization in the world, who said:

    "I am talking about the return of Christ who is going to sit on the throne of David. (…) I am making a differentiation (between Jesus Christ and Haile Selassie). Because Christ the same yesterday, today and forever. And even after His Majesty say, Him saved not by the man character but by the blood of Jesus Christ."

The spiritual roots and nature of Reggae music has appealed to countless of people worldwide throughout the decades, who where drawn to JAH, the Creator, without the mediation of a Church or any other form of prison by what is usually called “Christianity”.

Until recently, that is.

Until about ten years ago…

Where we have established, how the spiritual roots of Reggae Music was born thirty years before the music itself came into existence, we are now about to establish another fact, which took place about thirty years (!) after the event.

A fact that has a very spiritual nature too, but not a very positive one.

You could say, that a spiritual son of Christopher Columbus “discovered” Jamaica once again and established how there was money to be made by using the souls of the inhabitants for the glorification and enlargement of the “Judeo-Christian Civilization”: Babylon, Satanika…


Let me explain.

Or even better, let him explain!

May I introduce you to “Pastor”, “President” MARK MOHR, self-proclaimed “pioneer and leader of the Gospel Reggae genre”, founder of the band “Christafari” and the philosophy of “Christafarianism”, first among many “Christafarians”?

Christafari is the name, and don’t we dare think that this is jus a slick word play on the word Rastafari. Christafari venomously denies this, and points out to the word “Christophorus” which they claim means “Christ Bearers” to explain where they’re coming from.

Well, that maybe so, you know…

Research will reveal, that CHRISTOPHORUS is the official name of the one we know as Christopher Columbus, and it will not take a rocket scientist to realize that Christopher Columbus is not really, let’s say, appreciated by most people in the Caribbean.

Especially not by Rastafarians.

Deep research will reveal, that indeed Christafari isn’t named after Christopher Columbus just because of the obvious similarity with the word Rastafari.

Deeper research will lead every Truthlover to the conclusion, that indeed Christafari has more in common with Christophorus Colonos than with Rastafari, even though the word indeed is a rather perverse and sickening imitation of the word that means Head Creator.

However, we are talking about the kind of research that takes years and years.

The kind of research you do after you engage something that doesn’t seem right. The kind of research you do, when you find out that people have made themselves an image that cannot be described as anything else but a perverse satanic imitation of what you know to be your Spiritual Identity in Jesus Christ.

This research is done, this conclusion is drawn.

It started in the mid 1990’s, when Frysian DUB Artist Messian Dread and the Californian Mark Mohr “met” each other over the Internet.

Both men initially thought they had met a spiritual brother.

Both wore dreadlocks, the mark of the Nazarite. Both produced Reggae Music. Both used the Ethiopian colors Red Gold and Green in their appearance. Both gave praises to JAH and both firmly proclaimed Jesus Christ.

Both men were doing it as a matter of expressing their spiritual identity.

Messian Dread knew himself to be part of Reggae and Rastafari Culture.

In 1987, JAH (Jesus) told him to grow his dreadlocks as an outward sign of his spiritual identity. After this, JAH told a black born again Rastaman originally from French Guyana but living in Belgium to visit Messian Dread and teach him the basics about his spiritual identity. Both men had never met and the details about this meeting are simply remarkable.

Mark Mohr knew himself to be part of the Christian CCM and Neo-evangelical Culture.

After he “came to Christ” in 1987, “God” told him to imitate the outward appearance of what he perceived as Rastafari and Reggae, and start calling himself a “Christafarian”.

He would study “cults” on the infamous BIOLA University and learned the finer details of his wolves-in-sheep’s-clothing-method at Bob Beeman’s Sanctuary Church, where he was also “ordained” as a “pastor”.

Bob Beeman, by the way, is well known for founding the Christian Heavy Metal Industry in the 1980’s by mixing “church” and “ministry” with business. His “church” produced bands like Stryper and Vengeance Rising, for example.

Bob Beeman would encourage people to dress up like Satanists, speak like Satanists, look like Satanists. The only difference would be the words.

Where the Satanist Heavy Metal bands would speak about “Black Metal”, Bob Beeman would speak about “White Metal”. You could say, that Bob Beeman’s “Christianity” was some form of “anti-Satanism” like Satanism likes to present itself as a form of “anti-Christianity”.

Mark Mohr learned to apply Bob Beeman’s approach of the Satanic Heavy Metal Culture to what he perceived as Rasta and Reggae Culture.

He learned to dress up like a Rasta, speak like a Rasta, look like a Rasta. Just outwardly, that is. Just to make a name for himself, a carrier in the Christian Industrial Complex.

This is how “Rastafari” became “Christafari”.

This is how Mark Mohr and Messian Dread would “meet” and initially think that they were spiritual brothers.

It went like this: Mark Mohr asked Messian Dread to help him out on a certain messageboard in the Internet.

Mark Mohr was quoted in the Christian Media as saying –for example- how it was an honor among Rastafarians to kill Christians. When people who knew better would start to address this issue in the public messageboard, he simply asked Messian Dread to tell these people that it was not Mark Mohr who was saying that. Messian Dread in his turn asked Mark Mohr to rectify his public statements, or to use his contacts in the Christian Industry to spread truth rather than lies about Rastafari and Reggae.

The rectifications never came, and when a third “incident” of this kind occurred Messian Dread woke up and smelled the coffee.

These were not isolated incidents; these were symptoms of a pattern!

Messian Dread started to contact Mark Mohr and tried to show him how he could not “apply the Bob Beeman method” to Rastafarians, so to speak. For you can say whatever you want about Bob Beeman and his method, you cannot compare Rastafarians and Satanic Heavy Metal fans spiritually.

Messian Dread had been blessed to transcribe the interview with Gadman, the leader of the biggest Rastafarian Organization in the world, quoted in this article as saying that he does not believe the Ethiopian Emperor to be what his names mean. This transcription became authorized by Gadman and is now spread all over the world.

Messian Dread sent Mark Mohr a copy of the audio as well as the transcription of the interview, and asked him to rectify the enormous amount of false information about Rastafari on the Christafari website.

Mark Mohr would respond increasingly in an aggressive manner, as he climbed on the ladder of the Christian Industrial Complex, where he proclaimed “God” told him to “plug a gap”, for: there was no “Gospel Reggae”!

In the meantime, Messian Dread had become kind of a pioneer in the field of independent computer-based artists releasing DUB Reggae over the Internet for free: the online DUB Artists…

Mark Mohr’s band “Christafari” had joined a Reggae tour with some well-known artists like Steel Pulse and Buju Banton. During this tour, they handed out booklets written by Mark Mohr in which he disdainfully insults Rastafarians and tells lies about the movement.

One artist, Buju Banton, got so angry at Mohr’s writing that he wanted to cut the dreadlocks of Mohr’s head.

Mark Mohr’s first encounter with true Reggae and Rastafari Culture was not so pleasant for the Christafarian at first, but it was broadly covered in the Christian Media where he was displayed a martyr for Christ in the fight against these “evil Rastas”…

He went on and “planted” a church in Trinidad, after failing to “plant” one in Jamaica. It was his attempt to start a “church” in the style of Bob Beeman’s Sanctuary Church: more a gateway to the Gospel Industry than a genuine Gathering on Jah People.

It failed miserably, and Mohr privately wrote what sources described as a “divorce letter”. However, he never made this public himself.

All of this gave him an opening to the Christian Industry bigtime, as he built his own little empire within the borders of CCM and has now (august 2007) sold over 400,000 CD’s in which he basically preaches a Purpose Driven Gospel and back-bites to people, such as people in Trinidad who he refers to as “cannibals” in his album “To the Foundation”.

Back in 2004, Messian Dread had privately tried to make Mark Mohr dwell on truth rather than lies, about Rastafari for example, for seven years.

To no avail.

This is when Messian Dread wrote a little booklet in December 2004 called “Christafarianism, or: Don’t Be A Rasta, Be Like A Rasta”.

It wasn’t received well by Christafari, who had been writing negative articles about Messian Dread years before the publication of the booklet “Christafarianism”.

They launched a campaign to kill the messenger, starting off by publicly handing Messian Dread over to Satan. All hell broke loose as the true nature of Christafari and the attached philosophy of Christafarianism was uncovered to a deeper level.

A year later Messian Dread published a second book: “The Mystery of Christafarianism” in which he revealed the spiritual identity of the “Christafarian” and wrote a detailed, heavily footnoted unauthorized biography.

Fast forward to 2007.

Mark Mohr is still considered to be the leader of the growing Gospel Reggae Industry. The Emperor in his Gospelreggae Kingdom is still naked, as he makes his dollars and paves the way for clones of himself: Artists proclaiming in their music and video clips how Jesus is going to make them rich with this “new style”, for example.

Messian Dread is still exposing Christafari, exposing the Christian Industrial Complex of which Christafari is only a little part. He has written numerous articles and has an extensive research archive on his website, where a special place is dedicated to the expose of Christafari.

He is hated by the majority of “Gospel Reggae” artists, who themselves are working towards a carrier in the Christian Industry while they spread lies about Rastafari and Reggae Music in order to justify their commercialization of Christianity.

Messian Dread’s struggle against the forces of the Christian Industrial Complex can be considered a school example of Spiritual Warfare in the 21st Century.

JAH Willing, he will be interviewed on Channel-Z on August 25, 2007 about this very subject.

Christafari to perform at Purpose Driven HQ

Christafari to perform at Purpose Driven HQ

WWW, June 18 2007 - Just recently, "Gospel Reggae" band Christafari announced they will perform at Rick Warren's Saddleback Church in California. The concert will take place as a part of a $379 pp event.

This event is quite revealing, as it shows the true nature of Christafari's "Christianity" to a deeper level. After all, it has been thoroughly documented how Rick Warren and his Puropse Driven System is nothing short but the antichrist in the disguise of an evangelical Christian.

Christafari, who deny that their name is a mockery of the word Rastafari and refer to the root of Christopher Columbus' name instead to explain where they are coming from, have also been documented to be of exactly the same spirit as Rick Warren.

A "Christafarian" attempt to start a Purpose Driven church on Trinidad miserably failed when the people disaproved with the model. Christafari's "Pastor Mark" Mohr just recently refered to the people of Trinidad as "cannibals", in one of the tracks on their latest album "To The Foundation".

The event where Christafari will perform is a three-day conference, where people have to pay almost 400 dollars to "learn to worship" their "god". tail.html nference07/07Experience.htm



WWW, May 2008 - Even without knowing the details about the real people and events (discussed) in the video, the satire "Jesus People" unmistakably shows the hypocrisy, vanity and essential unchristian nature of the Christian Industrial Complex.

A pastor, his wife, and four ambitious artists who want to make it in the Christian Industrial Complex form the backbone of the "Jesus People" story. The pastor guides the artists and introduces them to other celebs in the market where Christianity is spelled Chri$tianity.

Obviously no co-incidence: the pastor looks like Rick Warren and one of the artists speaks about how her former husband ruined her career in the Christian Market before: those in-the-know will recognize similarities with Amy Grant.

But even without knowing (some) details concerning the true events and people that inspired the makers of "Jesus People", the viewer of the video will recognize how little exaggeration is applied. Completely unnecessary, as the Christian Industrial Complex in itself makes a mockery out of the true Christian faith.

Time for a smile, and -when you know yourself to be involved in the Christian Industrial Complex- perhaps time to realize how blasphemic this complex is, in reality.

For it is obvious that the makers of the video know the difference between the Industry and the faith better than many who call themselves "Christian".


PASTORS.COM Make Merchandize Out Of Believer

PASTORS.COM Make Merchandize Out Of Believer

Rick Warren earns a multi million dollar income. He generously "sowes" 90% directly to his Purpose Driven (c) "Ministries" in order to make even more economical slaves for the Christian Industrial Complex.

On his website "", which is being described as " a division of Purpose Driven Ministries ", there's an article called "Four habits that will transform your congregation".

"Transform" is a New Age keyword. When it is used in a spiritual context, and not about becomming born again through Christ, the question should obviously be considered why a congregation should have to be transformed.

This becomes more evident, when we realize how this article is part of a so-called "a four-part journey designed to take the people of your congregation from pew-sitters to purpose driven believers who are "sold out" to the Gospel of Jesus Christ".

So the transformation is an admitted selling out of the faithfull. This shows when we read on, as they continue: "You can purchase C.L.A.S.S. 201 individually or as part of the entire package of classes.". In other words: learn how to sell out your faith and assure yourself from a "succesfull Purpose Driven church".

The article further explains: "This class represents a crucial link in any church's roadmap to becoming a healthy congregation that ministers effectively locally and globally."

It is obvious, that this program is aimed at bringing local congregations into some global network. Rick Warren announced a "Global Peace Plan", he wants to bring "peace on earth" with a global network of a billion "churched", all part of the global purpose driven network!

The article then goes on by listing four "habits" which the pastor have to bring in the minds of his church. Another word for "habit" in this context? Slavery!

The "habits" are (quote):

1. Habit of spending time with God's Word: The discipleship process begins with biblical truth. When you are reaching the unchurched with the Gospel, your new believers will need to know how to get the most out of their Bible study. C.L.A.S.S. 201 starts by helping your church members assimilate God's Word into their life. (end quote)

Rick Warren in his books deliberatly makes use of 10's of different so-called paraphrases (basically a bible for dumbed down reader audience) where the parts which are translated wrong are often used to "quote God's Word" to an undiscerning dumbed down audience in a dumbed down society called Babylon. Confusion all around!

In the purpose driven mind set, you learn to read the Bible according to the way you feel best. You learn to pick-a-verse that fits-the-purpose at first sight. In such a way you can make the so-called bible say anything you want it to say.

The second "habit" will bring the congregation into meditation/mysticism New Age style. Under the guise of "prayer", you will be introduced to what could very well be you own New Age Spirit guide:


2. Habit of spending time with God: We were created to have fellowship with God. That fellowship doesn't just happen on Sunday morning or in the middle of rush hour traffic. God wants an open dialogue with his people on a daily basis.

It's obvious, that they are speaking about a way to learn to listen to the voice of God. Which is completely unneccesary as Jesus Christ says that His sheep hear His voice and follow Him and will not listen to another voice.

Point number three: the money. We expected that. Here comes the quote:

3. Habit of tithing: Few commitments show as much about spiritual maturity as tithing. Where your members choose to invest their money is what they truly care about (Matt. 6:21). Not only will those in attendance learn why they need to make tithing a regular habit, but they will hear biblical answers to some of the most common questions concerning tithing, such as:
• How much should I tithe?
• Where should I give my tithes?
• When should I tithe?

The Bible doesn't list "tithing" as one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit, but still it's said that this tithing is one of the biggest signs of "spiritual maturity".

Quote: C.L.A.S.S. 201 was a foundation of his plan to make Saddleback Church the most spiritually mature church in the country.

It should be noted, that when you want to become a member of Rick Warren's Saddleback Church you have to sign a so-called "covenant" which basically hands you over to whatever the "purpose driven church" is into. Paying money is obviously a key thing, as they say so too: "Few commitments show as much about spiritual maturity as tithing."

It should be noted, that the money given to Saddleback goes into the Big buildings et cetera, and only very little if any goes to the poor. And the only reason why you see in the New Testament the church collecting money it was for poor people. But even the poor are being used as an alibi to build these giant complexes where the "unchurched" become the "churched" but sinners may not neccesarily hear the gospel which can save them...

And because the show must go on, the "habit" of showing up must be pressed in the minds of the people too. Quote (emph CRC):

4. Habit of fellowship: We can't do the purposes of God on our own. It's simply not possible. Discipleship is no exception. C.L.A.S.S. 201 gives an overview of why small groups are important in the life of the believer. Backed up by biblical truth, the class will motivate your people to deepen the relationships within the church – a crucial part of your church's roadmap to becoming a purpose driven community of believers. "

Excuse me? Is coming together to praise Jesus as His disciples "Do" "the purposes of God"? The apostle John was on the island of Patmos on his own when he wrote the book of Revelation. And what about the many Christians locked up in jail, or the Christians in Islamic countries, who are allways alone? So we see that "Discipleship" in the purpose driven church is something completely different that Biblical discipleship.

New Age Bible Versions: NIV, NKJV, NASB, etc etc

New Age Bible Versions: NIV, NKJV, NASB, etc etc

In the Christian Industrial Complex, everything is about money. And since the lust for money is the root of all evil, you can also see this reflected in Babylon's "Christianity".

Gail Riplinger worked as a professor on a university. And so, she came in touch with students on a pastoral/counseling level. And because she wanted to comfort her students with words from the Most High, and though that the King James Version was a bit "archaic", she turned to use newer english bible versions such as the New International Version, the Living Bible and the New American standard Version.

She met students who were terrified by Yesus. They had read in the Bible that Yesus "humiliates and punishes" them, for example... That can be found in some of these "new versions", where the King james Version translates it as "nurturing" which is a more accurate translation.

Just one example, it turned out for Gail. She got herself involved in a deep research into the matters of the newer bible versions in contrast to the older King James Version.

She discovered, how these new versions were translated out of manuscripts which differed very much from the manuscripts used for the KJV.

She found out, how the name "Lucifer" was completely deleted out of these new versions, and replaced for "morning star". One Bible has in it's references the passage from IsaJah 14 in which Lucifer is personally adressed, a reference to Yesus Kristos when He say "I Yesus am the Bright Morning Star".

Gail started to research the theosophical society, started by Helena Blavatsky (photo).

Theosophy, by the way, is the new version of Luciferianism. The New Age. It turned out that Helena was very happy with the manuscripts which were used by some 19th century "translations".

Gail learned about the way the Luciferians communicated. She compared it with the book of Revelation, with the mark of the Beast and the one world religion. She learned an got more insight in the deception behind the New Age Bible Versions, as she calls the newer bibles.

These new bibles are often used by "Pastors" in the "Churches". Sometimes, they even get some financial profit when they use these newer versions. Other times, they think that using newer versions is more appealing to a "younger generation". But it turns out, that the Gospel of Yesus Kristos is extremely difficult to explain from these new versions.

Studying the syllabus of these new versions, shows that the newer translations have much more difficult language then the KJV. They have to, because you have to use different words in order to get your material copyrighted. and these new versions are all copyrighted...

Reasons enough to check Gail Riplinger.


Errors in the New Bible Translations
Whats MISSING in the New Bibles

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