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Saturday, October 18, 2008

New Age Bible Versions: NIV, NKJV, NASB, etc etc

New Age Bible Versions: NIV, NKJV, NASB, etc etc

In the Christian Industrial Complex, everything is about money. And since the lust for money is the root of all evil, you can also see this reflected in Babylon's "Christianity".

Gail Riplinger worked as a professor on a university. And so, she came in touch with students on a pastoral/counseling level. And because she wanted to comfort her students with words from the Most High, and though that the King James Version was a bit "archaic", she turned to use newer english bible versions such as the New International Version, the Living Bible and the New American standard Version.

She met students who were terrified by Yesus. They had read in the Bible that Yesus "humiliates and punishes" them, for example... That can be found in some of these "new versions", where the King james Version translates it as "nurturing" which is a more accurate translation.

Just one example, it turned out for Gail. She got herself involved in a deep research into the matters of the newer bible versions in contrast to the older King James Version.

She discovered, how these new versions were translated out of manuscripts which differed very much from the manuscripts used for the KJV.

She found out, how the name "Lucifer" was completely deleted out of these new versions, and replaced for "morning star". One Bible has in it's references the passage from IsaJah 14 in which Lucifer is personally adressed, a reference to Yesus Kristos when He say "I Yesus am the Bright Morning Star".

Gail started to research the theosophical society, started by Helena Blavatsky (photo).

Theosophy, by the way, is the new version of Luciferianism. The New Age. It turned out that Helena was very happy with the manuscripts which were used by some 19th century "translations".

Gail learned about the way the Luciferians communicated. She compared it with the book of Revelation, with the mark of the Beast and the one world religion. She learned an got more insight in the deception behind the New Age Bible Versions, as she calls the newer bibles.

These new bibles are often used by "Pastors" in the "Churches". Sometimes, they even get some financial profit when they use these newer versions. Other times, they think that using newer versions is more appealing to a "younger generation". But it turns out, that the Gospel of Yesus Kristos is extremely difficult to explain from these new versions.

Studying the syllabus of these new versions, shows that the newer translations have much more difficult language then the KJV. They have to, because you have to use different words in order to get your material copyrighted. and these new versions are all copyrighted...

Reasons enough to check Gail Riplinger.


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