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Sunday, August 9, 2009



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WWW, August 2009 - The salary of a top presenter was kind of high, while he publicly signed a statement wherein he announced how he believed in the theories of Darwin. Another presenter poses in a magazine for homo's and a third one wanted to join the annual "Gay Pride" parade in Amsterdam.

How the Dutch Evangelical Broadcasting Foundation (EO) alienates it's members, while screaming for acceptance by just about everyone else.

In the Netherlands, there is a unique public broadcasting system. Everyone can start their own broadcast foundation, and when there are enough members, you get time and money on the TV and on the radio. And so, there are programs for just about everybody, including the different religious and political groups.

Before the second world war, there were basically two broadcast foundations based on what is generally known as "Christianity": the Protestants had their NCRV and the Catholics would join the KRO.

After the 1960's, many Christians would not feel at home anymore with the NCRV or the KRO. A new foundation was on the way: the Evangelical Broadcast Foundation, or "Evangelische Omroep" (EO) in Dutch.

Until a few years ago, the EO would be the voice of what is generally called "orthodox" Christianity. Not the Orthodox Church necessarily, but let's say, the Christianity of the "Bible Believing Christians". They would become members of the EO and over the decades made it the biggest broadcasting foundation within the Dutch public broadcasting system.

The fact that the EO became the biggest, also meant that they would have to make a lot of compromise. They would no longer be able to focus on why they were founded in the first place. Instead, they would simply take their place in the church-and-state system of which the broadcasting system is only a part.

In the meantime, two political "Christian" parties had fused into the "Christen-Unie" (Christian Union). People who would be members of these parties, or vote for them, would most likely to be a member of the EO too. A few years ago, the Christian Union joined a coalition with the Labour Party and the Christian Democrats (MORE).

While many would think that all of this was a sign that "God" is worshipped a lot within the Netherlands, others would see it as a sign of the fact that "Christianity" itself was corrupted.

This corruption can be seen in the many scandals that surrounded the EO the last years, resulting -for now- in a show that has been cancelled even before the first episode was aired. It was a show wherein a non-Christian comedian was asked to make jokes about Jesus. (MORE and MORE)

Arie BoomsmaIdea for the show came from Arie Boomsma (pictured left). The ex-model is one of the poster boys for the EO.

Recently, the EO suspended him for several weeks because he had appeared in a glossy magazine called l'Homo. A photo session in a magazine especially for homosexuals, it was a bridge too far...

Arie Boomsma recently declared himself a Darwinist. The presenter, known from programs like "40 Days Without Sex" wherein young people are challenged to not fornicate for 40 days. It's a program that's no bridge too far for the leadership of the EO, who has been aware of the fact that the last four years they had already lost 10's of thousands of their members due to programs like Arie Boomsma's 40 Days.

Andries KnevelAnother interesting person within the spectrum of superstars and poster boys of the EO is Andries Knevel (pictured right).

He has been with the EO for decades and had evolved from being a pedantic defender of "creationism" into a pedantic talk show host whose "Christianity" was more a stream within the system of Church-And-State than a personal believe in Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour.

Recently, he publicly signed a declaration in which he announced how he did no longer believe in "Creationism" (the idea that God created the heavens and the earth in 6 days, about 6000 years ago (MORE) and was now a Darwinist. Later, he had to publicly apologize for sharing his personal disbeliefs .

After all, there were already a lot of protests against the enormous salary Andries Knevel took. He was forced to announce how he would have his own salary cut significantly. It's part of a bigger debate where the enormous salaries of presenters and figureheads of the public broadcasting system are being questioned on a massive scale.

Manuel VenderbosThen there is the strange case of Manuel Venderbos (pictured left). Like Arie Boomsma, a poster boy for the EO.

In his urge to gain acceptance in the homosexual community in the Netherlands, he had said in interviews how he thought that Jesus Christ would party along in the annual "Gay Pride Parade" that takes place in Amsterdam.

This parade is being condemned as a public exposition of pornography, not only by religious people. Many homosexuals speak out against such a display because there is no need for a public exposure of sexuality in a way that is considered pornographic by the vast majority of people in the Netherlands.

The tradition is that there is a long line of boats, sailing through the city. The Dutch minister of culture and the mayor of Amsterdam are on the boat for politicians, and there's a "holy boat" with people who present themselves as homosexual Christians.

Manuel Venderbos was invited join the "holy boat" in the "Gay Pride Parade". Again, a bridge too far for the leadership within the EO. They banned him from joining the parade, claiming that the EO had "different ways to generate debate about homosexuality within the Christian community" (MORE).

And now, there is the show "Man Walks On Water...".

Or, to be more accurate: there was the show "Man Walks On Water..."

You can also say: there won't be a show "Man Walks On Water..."

Just two weeks prior to the press conference in which the EO announced they were -after all- not going to broadcast the show and for which EO director Arjan Lock had to return from his holiday, Lock had written in EO's magazine how he expected the try-out's for the show to bring in money. (DUTCH SOURCE ARTICLE)

The idea was to have a non-Christian comedian make jokes about Jesus Christ, in an effort to "engage in a dialogue with non-Christians", or something to that effect. One trial episode would have been shown and when the response would be good, Arie Boomsma could make a whole series.

An idea which caused yet another exodus of members (some papers speak about 2000) and EO director Arjen Lock returning from holiday to pull the plug publicly.

Did it dawn to the people at the EO that with a title like that, it is obvious how one will make jokes about Jesus Christ rather than the hypocritical system called "Christianity", which is nothing but one of the main religions in a world-wide Church-and-State system we know as Babylon?


If that would dawn, the plug would have been pulled completely, which is not very likely to happen anytime soon.

After all, the Netherlands is ruled by crypto-theocrats. Call them the political wing of the EO. You can find them in the Christian Union party as well as within the party of the Christian Democrats, who together form the majority in the current administration (MORE).

But that's another story.

Thursday, March 12, 2009




WWW, March 2009 - Is the King James Version 100% correct, when the translation seems to indicate that JAH created creation about 6000 years ago, in a state of desolation?

"Yes", say the Creationist. I beg to differ, however.

Creationism", unlike the popular idea, is not "just" the knowledge that creation was created by the Creator. If that would be the case, I could have been labeled a "Creationist" myself. However, I am not. And still, I believe that Jah created creation and no I do not believe that he did that through Darwin, so to speak. I do not believe mankind comes from the proverbial monkey.

A creationist believes, however, using slogans like "the Bible is the Whole Truth", that God created creation in 6 days, about 6000 years ago. A creationist believes in the traditional doctrines that came to us through Augustine, the Vatikan and it's "Reformers". A Creationist believes, that "in the beginning", the first words of the Bible, is also the "first day" of the week described in the first chapter of Genesis.

And I beg to differ, Sirs!

First of all, the Bible does not say at all that "In the beginning was the first day" at all. In fact, Genesis starts with the words:

"In The Beginning, God Created The Heaven And The Earth. And The Earth Was Without Form, And Void, And Darkness Was Upon The Face Of The Deep." (Genesis 1:1,2a)

When you read on, you see that Jah wipes the darkness of the earth and makes a difference between day and night. That wiping away of the darkness is the first act of the "creation week", which I would rather call a re-creation week.

First of all, the word "was" is not necessarily translated in the right way. The word could also be "became". Whether you use the word "was", or "became", therefore, requires more than literally translating the first lines of Genesis.

When you translate the word as "was", you make Genesis say, that Jah created the earth without "form and void", or, as the Hebrew phrase goes, "Tohu va Bohu". This phrase is used in the Bible only a couple of times, so let's take a look where they are used as well.

Let's go to Isaiah, where Jah speaks about His judgments:

"He shall stretch out upon it the line of confusion, and the stones of emptiness" (Isaiah 34:11b)

Obviously, since you cannot "create destruction" and Tohu va Bohu does indicate destruction rather than a creative act, it is not right to translate the first lines of Genesis using the word "was" to describe the original state of creation "in the beginning".

But there is more usage of the word Tohu va Bohu. This next usage, also Isaiah quoting JAH, says this:

"For thus saith the LORD that created the heavens; God himself that formed the earth and made it; he hath established it, he created it not in vain, he formed it to be inhabited: I [am] the LORD; and [there is] none else." (Isaiah 45:18)

So here we have Jah Himself saying, that He did not create the earth "Tohu va Bohu". And since we already know, that the words describe a situation after the judgement of the Most High, we might get an indication as to what really happened, somewhere between "In The Beginning" and the first day of the week in Genesis.

Jeremiah helps us out. He was taken to that time, before mankind was created. He describes a situation that is in no way like the ones creationists describe when they make God in their image, a God that creates empty things. Take a look:

"I beheld the earth, and, lo, [it was] without form, and void; and the heavens, and they [had] no light. I beheld the mountains, and, lo, they trembled, and all the hills moved lightly. I beheld, and, lo, [there was] no man, and all the birds of the heavens were fled. I beheld, and, lo, the fruitful place [was] a wilderness, and all the cities thereof were broken down at the presence of the LORD, [and] by his fierce anger. For thus hath the LORD said, The whole land shall be desolate; yet will I not make a full end." (Jeremiah 4:23-27)

Obviously, we speak about a situation that is not the original creation, even though Jeremiah is taken to that time when the earth was Tohu va Bohu in Genesis 1:1. It is obvious, that the earth became Tohu va Bohu!

So, now we have Jah Himself saying that He did not create the earth in this situation, we have two accounts that tell us Tohu va Bohu is a situation after a judgement of Jah, and we have Jeremiah who speaks about this time in more detail.

Jeremiah specifically says "there is no man", but he also speaks about "cities". He speaks about a civilization on this planet before mankind was ever created!

Creationists deny all of this. They obscured the translation in the King James Version in the very first sentence of the very first chapter of the very first book, and with that, they have created God in their image: a God that cannot create anything, for you cannot create emptiness.

Now, other than the fact that it is more than interesting to realize that there were civilizations before mankind was created, it is equally so that the God of the creationists is not the God that wrote the Bible in the original language. And not only because it is an oxymoron to "create emptiness".

A couple of months ago I wrote about Sodomy, which most people think is another word for homosexuality where the Bible uses the word heteros to describe what the Sodomites were doing. Here, too, do we see that very same God of the creationists at work. Their denial of the fact that there are more intelligent beings than just mankind, leads to their painting of a God Who makes people pay for His... mistakes!

We see the same God, who is sorry that He created mankind and since He seems to be unable to master time, He can do nothing but wiping out His creation with a flood. That is not the Almighty JAH that I know, that is not the perfect JAH that I know!

We can go on, for example, and look to the battles of Israel against the Canaanites as described in Exodus and so on. We can look at JAH telling the Israelites to kill other human beings, or we can look at the original text and read how these were not human beings at all but descendants of the Nephilim, unholy offspring of angelic beings with daughters of men.

All of this, however, is lost to the creationists who do not seem to be able to grasp that although mankind is created in the Image of JAH, this by no means means that (wo)man is the only intelligent being in creation and that human civilization is all that ever was in Jah's creation.

It is clear, that the KJV is not 100% correct. The mistranslations start already in the very first line. How important is it, to know Jah personally in order to understand just what is written in the Bible, especially when you consider these mistranslations? Asking this question is answering it.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009




WWW, February 2009 - In a recent press release, the group behind the website "God Hates Fags" announced their plans to travel to the Netherlands and picket the burial of nine people who recently lossed their lives in a plane crash at Amsterdam Airpost.

What drives these "Christian Taliban" and what can they teach us?

The group is headed by a man called Fred Phelps and calls itself the "Westboro Baptist Church" (WBC). They are often in the news as they go from place to place witch picket signs saying things like "God Hates Fags" and "Thank God For Aids". Special places of interest to the WBC are funerals, perferably that of dead soldiers and those who they love to hate the most: (perceived) homosexuals.

In itself, the group is predominantly one family under the guidance of the patriarch. Their appearance is usually seen as funny or offensive, they're a welcome guest in many talk shows as they guarantee a piece of sensation.

They're an obvious cult, as their website clearly indicates. They urge this visitor to "carefully read every word of this web site, along with the entire Bible", a clear indication they do need to explain a little bit before the innocent visitor can open the Book of Books and, guided by the Holy Spirit of God, read what's in there.

Just recently, the group announced that they would go the Netherlands and hold a demonstration at the funeral of the victims of a plane crash that recently took place at Amsterdam Airport. Cliock for Larger ImageNine people crashed in an airplane from Turkish Airlines in what the WBC sees as a judgement of God because of... homosexuality.

It is unlikely, though, that the WBC will actually be able to physically enter the Netherlands. Recently, they were banned from entering the UK as part of the European War on Freedom of Speech.

However, their Freedom of Speech is not the issue. There are questions more important for those interested in Christianity. Questions such as: how can it be, that the WBC claims how "homosexuality" is the reason for "God" to make a plane crash of Turkish Airlines at Amsterdam Airport?

One word: Calvinism.

The WBC is a rather extreme example of this "Christian" philosophy that has been responsible for terror regimes throughout the last centuries. Regimes, which make the Taliban in Afghanistan look like keepers of paradise.

In a video entitled "What Love Is This", recently reviewed by the CRC, well-known author Dave Hunt revealed some of the terror that Calvinists released on the people they had political power over. But we can also look at the Dominionists, the neo-evangelical version of this form of political Christianity, Sharia Style.

Basically, Calvinists and Dominionists believe that they have to create a "Christian World Order", wherein what the Bible calls the Fruit Of The Spirit is forced on people by law, with extreme penalties in cases of trangressing these so-called "Divine Laws".

We have well-known cases such as Rick Warren teaming up with the President of Rwanda who was recently accused of war crimes, Pat Robertson calling for the extermination of leaders which oppose the United States of America ("God's Own Country", as they say), all of them associating with presidents and others in circles of power.

We also have the Westboro Baptist Church with their "pastor" Fred Phelps and an army of footsoldiers who all love to hate just about everyone that doesn't follow their Calvinist form of "Christianity". Cliock for Larger ImageWith a smile on their face, they will tell you that you go to hell, just because God created you to go to hell. And, as the picture shows, they will even help you getting there with pleasure.

Carnal pleasure.

Carnal minds define the Calvinist and Dominionists. Carnal minds define the members of the group behind the "God Hates Fags" website and church. And no, not just because of their obvious focus on sexuality and frequent use of the word "Sodomites" to describe homosexuals, about which we will talk a little bit further one.

The Carnal Calvinists are spiritually handicapped, spiritually disabled even. They take the Bible, a translation of copies of manuscripts who have been long gone, but it is the only thing they can physically touch with their carnal bodies. They lack the Presence and Teaching of the Holy Spirit, without Whom we can never understand what the Bible actually teaches.

They think, that the Bible is all about the State. They think, that when the Bible speaks about "authorities" and "leaders", when the Bible gives guidelines for Church gathering and spiritual livity in general, the Bible gives this as a commandment to be obeyed by those under the command of the leaders who interpretate the Divine Laws...

They totally ignore the fact that the Bible says all of us are living in sin, and that it takes a spiritual rebirth to be able to receive the Works of the Holy Spirit that makes our carnal sins become less and less important. They claim that the Bible wants people to create states with heavy laws that none can keep, laws which the Bible explains are fruits of the works that the Holy Spirit works out in those who believe upon the Lord Jesus Christ.

Equally, they deny the fact that God did not destroy Sodom because of homosexuality at all. Sodom, namely, is the biggest argument for Fred Phelps and his Calvinist brethren to go around the world and tell everyone that God is going to destroy the world because of "Sodomy" and "Sodomites".

And this is where it gets tricky. Because they are right, the acts of Sodom are indeed the reason the the Creator to come down Himself and Personally downstroy this wicked shitstem.

Therefore, it is extremely important to find out just what was going on in Sodom, even though the answer might not be what your avarage Pastor, President or Priest may tell you.

The Bible uses the word "heteros" to describe the sexual acts of the Sodomites. They were not homosexuals, even though some of them have might been and even though it is true that homosexuality is condemned as sinfull in the Bible. That is not the issue here. The issue is that homosexualioty in itself is not the reason for the Most High to condemn this world shitstem and call her "Mystery Babylon, Mother of Harlots and Abominations". (MORE INFO)

The Westboro Baptist Church is an extreme, and therefore very clear example where a carnal view on the physically tangible Scriptures lead to. Not just to a rather ridiculous idea that is so obviously wrong that they cannot be taken seriously. Not just to an entertaining sight of a dysfunctional family dressed as up a Church.

What this family does, is just a small version of what the Dominionists and Calvinists are doing at large. They would love to impose their ridiculous ideas on humanity by law, just like the fighter jets impose the ideas of the world elite by bombing the hell out of people in the name of that very same "White European Anglo Saxon Christianity".

What this family, this cult dressed up as a "Church" does, is just an extreme version of what carnal minds are doing at large. Without any guidance from the Holy Spirit, not hindered by a spiritual identity caused by a born again situation, they take the Black Book and make their own carnal sense out of it.

They do so to their own judgement. They also do so as an example for all.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009



WWW, January 2009 - George W. Bush left the White House and Barack Obama was blessed by none other than Rick Warren to become the next President of the USA.

The Obama Nation is a fact!

After eight years of George Bush, the people of the USA are in a state wherein they would, according to a commentator, even elect Mickey Mouse in the White House. The rest of the world laments over the fact that they have no voting rights in the USA, a country that always has a president claiming that "The United States Have To Lead The World".

We had eight years wherein the White House was occupied by a man mesmerizing millions of people who think of themselves as "Born Again Christians". After all, George W. talked with Billy Graham on the beach and he doesn't like abortion... The result? Any, yes, any action by Bush was defended by ground troops holding the Bible in their hands.

Obviously, George Bush is as much a Christian as the Devil himself. The Babylon Observer has reported how this "born again Christian" attends the Bohemian Grove where he gathers with other leaders against Jah and plans wars as well as rumors of wars.

But now, there is "change"...

Amerika changes from "Bush Country" to "Obama Nation" (yes, pun intended), and the abomination is becoming more and more obvious.

Where we had countless "Gospel Singers" backing up a president that took the planet into a state of war using the Name of Jesus as his foundation, we now have several Reggae singers giving praise to Barack Obama, "Black Man in the White House"...

Several Reggae vocalists who were (before?) known to Chant Down Babylon seem to have been undergoing the very same mesmerizing treatment that so many "Born Again Christians" had during the Bush era. They are among the millions and millions who celebrated as "Amerika's Pastor" Rick Warren blessed Obama into the White House, filled with talks of "hope" and "change"...

Babylon's choice to have Barack Obama become the next President of the USA is, among many other things, an obvious attack to the Movement of Rastafari. The Nyabinghy (meaning: "Death To Black and White Downpressors") Drums silence as we're now being treated with lyrics that claim stuff how "God" has to "Bless America" and worse.

However, this Barack Obama who is now present in the White House is as close to JAH and HIS KINGDOM as George W. Bush. His political view is more similar than different than that of his predecessor, too.

On countless occasions, Obama makes it clear that he thinks "The United States Should Lead The World". Just like Bush and Clinton and the rest before him!

When you take a look at the gang who he has surrounded himself with, the message to the world is clear. Obama, in his own sermons, makes it clear that he wants to send extra soldiers to Afghanistan and there are claims that say how Obama even plans to attack Pakistan.

His chief advisor is Zignew Brzinski, a man who is known to basically be the founder of the Taliban as he radicalized the Muslim Warlords in Afghanistan to make them fight against the Soviets who had invaded the country.

His secretary of state is Hillary Clinton. And she is by far not the only one who is closely related to Bill Clinton, another former president of the USA who is know to have blood on his hands, and in the cabinet of President Barack Obama.

Does this not say anything?

When the bombs start exploding under the command of that very same President who is being worshipped by so many, including -formerly?- conscious Reggae Vocalists, what will happen? Will we indeed see Rastafarians -and those who claim that they are- defending Babylon's New World Order, just like we saw countless Christians -and those who claim they are- doing the very same thing under George W. Bush?

We probably will. In fact, we already do. The Babylon Observer has already observed how people who did not support the war in Afghanistan were called "bag-o-wire" (basically, "traitor") by ones doing so claiming they know about Rastafari.

Apparently, killing people in Afghanistan is now part of "Chanting Down Babylon"...


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