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Saturday, October 18, 2008

PASTORS.COM Make Merchandize Out Of Believer

PASTORS.COM Make Merchandize Out Of Believer

Rick Warren earns a multi million dollar income. He generously "sowes" 90% directly to his Purpose Driven (c) "Ministries" in order to make even more economical slaves for the Christian Industrial Complex.

On his website "", which is being described as " a division of Purpose Driven Ministries ", there's an article called "Four habits that will transform your congregation".

"Transform" is a New Age keyword. When it is used in a spiritual context, and not about becomming born again through Christ, the question should obviously be considered why a congregation should have to be transformed.

This becomes more evident, when we realize how this article is part of a so-called "a four-part journey designed to take the people of your congregation from pew-sitters to purpose driven believers who are "sold out" to the Gospel of Jesus Christ".

So the transformation is an admitted selling out of the faithfull. This shows when we read on, as they continue: "You can purchase C.L.A.S.S. 201 individually or as part of the entire package of classes.". In other words: learn how to sell out your faith and assure yourself from a "succesfull Purpose Driven church".

The article further explains: "This class represents a crucial link in any church's roadmap to becoming a healthy congregation that ministers effectively locally and globally."

It is obvious, that this program is aimed at bringing local congregations into some global network. Rick Warren announced a "Global Peace Plan", he wants to bring "peace on earth" with a global network of a billion "churched", all part of the global purpose driven network!

The article then goes on by listing four "habits" which the pastor have to bring in the minds of his church. Another word for "habit" in this context? Slavery!

The "habits" are (quote):

1. Habit of spending time with God's Word: The discipleship process begins with biblical truth. When you are reaching the unchurched with the Gospel, your new believers will need to know how to get the most out of their Bible study. C.L.A.S.S. 201 starts by helping your church members assimilate God's Word into their life. (end quote)

Rick Warren in his books deliberatly makes use of 10's of different so-called paraphrases (basically a bible for dumbed down reader audience) where the parts which are translated wrong are often used to "quote God's Word" to an undiscerning dumbed down audience in a dumbed down society called Babylon. Confusion all around!

In the purpose driven mind set, you learn to read the Bible according to the way you feel best. You learn to pick-a-verse that fits-the-purpose at first sight. In such a way you can make the so-called bible say anything you want it to say.

The second "habit" will bring the congregation into meditation/mysticism New Age style. Under the guise of "prayer", you will be introduced to what could very well be you own New Age Spirit guide:


2. Habit of spending time with God: We were created to have fellowship with God. That fellowship doesn't just happen on Sunday morning or in the middle of rush hour traffic. God wants an open dialogue with his people on a daily basis.

It's obvious, that they are speaking about a way to learn to listen to the voice of God. Which is completely unneccesary as Jesus Christ says that His sheep hear His voice and follow Him and will not listen to another voice.

Point number three: the money. We expected that. Here comes the quote:

3. Habit of tithing: Few commitments show as much about spiritual maturity as tithing. Where your members choose to invest their money is what they truly care about (Matt. 6:21). Not only will those in attendance learn why they need to make tithing a regular habit, but they will hear biblical answers to some of the most common questions concerning tithing, such as:
• How much should I tithe?
• Where should I give my tithes?
• When should I tithe?

The Bible doesn't list "tithing" as one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit, but still it's said that this tithing is one of the biggest signs of "spiritual maturity".

Quote: C.L.A.S.S. 201 was a foundation of his plan to make Saddleback Church the most spiritually mature church in the country.

It should be noted, that when you want to become a member of Rick Warren's Saddleback Church you have to sign a so-called "covenant" which basically hands you over to whatever the "purpose driven church" is into. Paying money is obviously a key thing, as they say so too: "Few commitments show as much about spiritual maturity as tithing."

It should be noted, that the money given to Saddleback goes into the Big buildings et cetera, and only very little if any goes to the poor. And the only reason why you see in the New Testament the church collecting money it was for poor people. But even the poor are being used as an alibi to build these giant complexes where the "unchurched" become the "churched" but sinners may not neccesarily hear the gospel which can save them...

And because the show must go on, the "habit" of showing up must be pressed in the minds of the people too. Quote (emph CRC):

4. Habit of fellowship: We can't do the purposes of God on our own. It's simply not possible. Discipleship is no exception. C.L.A.S.S. 201 gives an overview of why small groups are important in the life of the believer. Backed up by biblical truth, the class will motivate your people to deepen the relationships within the church – a crucial part of your church's roadmap to becoming a purpose driven community of believers. "

Excuse me? Is coming together to praise Jesus as His disciples "Do" "the purposes of God"? The apostle John was on the island of Patmos on his own when he wrote the book of Revelation. And what about the many Christians locked up in jail, or the Christians in Islamic countries, who are allways alone? So we see that "Discipleship" in the purpose driven church is something completely different that Biblical discipleship.

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