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Saturday, October 18, 2008



WWW, April 2008 - "We will not fail you", promises the leader of Rwanda to Rick Warren. The project to turn Rwanda into the world's very first "Purpose Driven Nation" takes another step as the country recently officially launched the "Fourty Days Of Purpose".

Rick Warren, also known as "Rupert Murdoch's Pastor", is well pleased.

Not only has he succesfully introduced his new age "gospel" to millions of Christians world wide, he is also training 100's of 1000's of pastors to "transform" their churches into centers of what he calls a "Global Peace Plan".

Warren's Global Peace Plan states that the Churches have to become part of the United Nations and create a situation of world peace which is the requirement for Jesus Christ to return.

His philosophy is heavily based on pop-psychology and other forms of mind control, his view of the church is that it's part of a Church-And-State system, and he got everything from his "Christian" mentors, people like Robert Shuller who are exposed for the antichrists that they really are.

Transforming "Christianity" and "Churches" into better tools for Babylon System is not enough for Rick Warren. After all, his purpose is a "world peace" "so" that "Jesus Christ" will come to rule.

This obviously transcends not just the borders of the several denominations within what loosely could be called "Christianity", not just the borders of several religions as Warren is located creating "Purpose Driven Synagogues", it transcends national borders as well.

People have to become "purpose driven". Churches have to become "purpose driven". And... Nations have to be "purpose driven" too!

The nation of Rwanda is apparantly one of the first on the list.

For years, leaders have been initiating themselves into the doctrines of what has come to be called "Warrenism". Rupert Murdoch's pastor himself travels several times a year to the African nation to make sure that his project is working, and now it is time for the more official part of all of this.

In an official ceremony, the nation's leader officially announced how the nation would officially go in to "The Fourty Days of Purpose", basically a period of brainwashing people into becomming good robots for The Plan to unite the world for the comming antichrist.

President Kagame told his audience how Warren's "Global Peace Plan" had taken it's place in the country's official politicks and how he considered "The Fourty Days Of Purpose" to be the official launch of what is going to be "prosperity" for Rwanda.

Rick Warren smiled...

He was part of that audience and knew himself to be sitting with the elite of the country. Politicians, for example. Sitting together with 200 leaders of "churches", who had been studying these last two years and were called "foot soldiers" by President Kagame, who was very serious in announcing the "transformation" his country would undergo during Warren's 40 day brainwash campaign.

President Kagame swore: "We Will Not Fail", in a referance to "The Fourty Days Of Purpose" in which he was about to throw his nation in.

Rick Warren smiled some more...

And Satan chuckled!

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