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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Christafari's "Spiritual Snacks" A Gospel of Works

Christafari's "Spiritual Snacks" A Gospel of Works

Since the second book on Christafari is out, and they changed their most important website into gospel reggae dot com, there is a new section called "Spiritual Snacks". Not only does it remind me of the fact that there is a book called "Spiritual Junkfood", it gave me also a bit of a closer look into the theology of Mark Mohr.

I must say: I weep over those who see Mark Mohr as a good Bible Teacher. His message is confused and contradictional.

The "snacks" allways end with Mark Mohr praying some holy prayer about himself. It reminds me of the Rabbi's who say their prayers in front of the public so that they can be respected once more.

I'm saving all the "Spiritual Snacks" into one big file, and I read them all. Everyday, there's another one. And sometimes, there's a repeat.

I wasn't going to comment on them, just reading them. But they shock me. If this is the "spiritual leader" that many think is so knowledgeable, I doubt if many will get saved.

Because, even though the Christafari website does not contain a page where the Gospel is explained in simple words, these "snacks" make it even worse...

When you want to become a Christian, the Christafari website will not tell you how to. And now, with these "snacks", more revelation comes as it is clear what kind of teaching "Pastor Mark" gives his "Cyber Parishioners"...

There are several instances in which I clearly saw how Mohr is preaching a gospel of works. Not salvation by faith, but salvation by works. Today was the most blatant one. Here it is:

    Action Talks

    "For it is not those who hear the law who are righteous in God's sight, but it is those who obey the law who will be declared righteous." Romans 2:13 (NIV)

    When it comes to God, action speaks louder than words. The Lord isn't fooled by your empty vocabulary. The only person that you are fooling is yourself. God does not desire your meaningless lip service. He requires obedience and adherence to His laws. We must act on what we have heard. If we do this and obey His law, He will declare us right with in His eyes through the work of His Son Jesus. Action talks.

    God, let me not just be a hearer of your Word, but also a doer. Help me to truly live according to your Laws. Don't let my mind wander onto other topics when I read Your Word. Lord, please help me to retain your principles and put them into practice daily. Amen

    Mark Mohr

Is it really so, that when we obey God's Law, that Yesus' Work will then become a reason for God to "declare us right"?

No, it's the other way around. Because Yesus declared us right, we will become right!

Please, take a closer look at this Christafarian absurdity. It is a gospel of works. For it is not by works that we are "declared right". A better word is "justified", but since Mark Mohr continually uses New Age Bible Versions that obscures the Gospel of Yesus Kristos even more, it has become "declared right".

The Bible does not say: "Obey the Law and be justified". The bible says: "Admit that the law condemns you and that you are unable to live up to it, and then gladly accept the fact that Yesus Kristos has lived up to the Law for us". The Bible says: "thou areth saved by faith alone, and not by works!"

Here is another one taken from the last "spiritual snacks", also clearly stating this other gospel, this gospel by works:

QUOTE: "We can only receive this gift and be forgiven of our sins if we acknowledge our sinfulness, confess and repent of our sins (I John 1:9). After we have done this, God can and will use us in tremendous ways."

COMMENT: Mark Mohr clearly says that in order to get eternal life you have to "repent of our sins". the Apostle John clearly says that if we say we are without sin we make God a Liar. Still Mark Mohr claims this has to be done in order to get saved.

He has it wrong. It is not so that you have to repent from your sins in order to become born again. No, it is so that in order to become born again you must believe that Yesus Kristos did the good work you cannot do, and that Yesus Kristos died the death you deserve! And when you then become born again, this is the moment in which the Lord Himself works out in you that you start to live righteous. For it is, according to the Bible: "No Longer I But Christ In I"!

Mohr is also influenced by the "Purpose Driven (R) Life", the gospel of the neo evangelicals who think that it is their methods rather then the Truth of Yesus which will "save people". Take a look at this, Mark Mohr even indirectly rebuking our Lord Yesus for not being simple enough to Nicodemus!

QUOTE: "Let’s face it, there are certain catch phrases that we say that just don’t make sense to the lost. It took Jesus a long time to explain the concept of being “Born again” to Nicodemus. And to be baptized in the blood sounds downright disgusting to a non-believer. It’s no wonder why we are not winning over converts left and right. So keep it real. Rethink your language. Be all things to all men."

So, if Yesus would only have been all things to all men He wouldn't have to spend all night explaining too difficult subjects with Nicodemus. I say, Yesus Kristos never made a mistake. I say, you don't need to have methods which will then make (quote) "over converts left and right"!

No, by looking at the spiritual junkfood coming from this "Pastor", I am weeping over those that see him as a spiritual authorityu. He leads them right to the the other Gospel that Paulus warned us about. A gospel of works. A blasphemic gospel that needs to give our Lord Yesus Kristos as an example of w "wrong method of evangelizing".

Someone better start telling Mark Mohr the truth!

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